In memory of Frederick Deveaux, my Paternal 9th Great-Grandfather on the DYKEMAN branch.


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Frederick Deveaux

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1677 June 24




1743 Nov




Frederick de Veaux (or De Vaux/Deveaux) was born abt. 1645 in either La Rochelle or Aunis, Poitou-Charentes, France. As a Protestant, he suffered severe persecution there until he finally fled to Mannheim, Germany, where he obtained citizenship and must have been married because he arrived in New Amsterdam in 1675 or 1676 as a young widower. His brother, Nicholas de Veaux, who was already a resident.  


He married Hester Tourneur in 1677 and received land from her father, Daniel Tourneur. The marriage resulted in 12 or more children being born. Frederick purchased several additional tracts of land in Fordham and New Rochelle, Westchester County. He died in November, 1743, in New Rochelle, according to Chamberlain. 


Frederick Deveaux & Hester Tourneur were the parents of my ancestor,

  1. Frederick de Vaux

  2. Daniel de Vaux, who settled in Fordham.

  3. Joseph de Vaux, who settled in New York City, married twice, and died in 1753. His children were: Frederick, Daniel, David, John, Thomas, Abraham, Abigal, Hester, Sarah, Mary and Leah.

  4. Abel de Vaux, who settled in New Rochelle.

  5. Rachel de Vaux, who married Johannes Dyckman.

  6. Esther de Vaux, who married Levi Vincent.

  7. Susannah de Vaux, who married Andrew Nodine.

  8. Mary de Vaux, who married Evert Brown and Joshua Bishop.

  9. Leah de Vaux, who married Nathaniel Bailey.

  10. Dinah de Vaux, who married Louis Guion and Tobias Concklin.

  11. Judith de Vaux, who married Johannes Barhite.

  12. Abigail de Vaux, who died unmarried.

Records, photos, and memorabilia pertaining to the life of Frederick Deveaux:
De Voe's Point (Deveaux)

De Voe's Point (Deveaux)

Frederick de Vaux of Wallonia, Belgium

Frederick de Vaux of Wallonia, Belgium

Why they sailed from Leyden - Story of the Eighty Years War

Why they sailed from Leyden - Story of the Eighty Years War

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