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In memory of Marmaduke Beckwith, my Paternal 10th Great-Grandfather on the HOLLENBECK branch.



  • The Beckwiths, by Paul Beckwith, 1848-1907, p. 47. [Link]
  • Additional Beckwith notes : including Avery, Ely, Gilbert, Holmes, Lee, Smith (Nehemiah, Richard, and Simon), Southerland, Wightman, and Williams families, with miscellaneous historical data, by Frederick H. Beckwith, 1956. [Link]
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Genealogy is my hobby and the information provided here is a work in progress. I have loads of information to add and new finds are continually being discovered. If you have any corrections, additions, or comments to contribute, please use the comment box below. Visit the Latest Updates page to see when this Ancestor Profile page is updated. 

Marmaduke Beckwith

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Marmaduke Beckwith, "of Dacre and Clint; he sold his lands in Clint 1597, and bought Featherstone and Acton; his second wife Ellen, widow of William Style of Haddockon, Co. York; by his first wife, Anne, daughter of Dynly of Bramhope, Co. York, had the following children: Thomas, William, Roger, Symon, Jane, Alice, Grace, Anne, and Mathew". (Source: The Beckswiths, by Paul Beckwith, 1891).


According to the same source, Marmaduke Beckwith's ancestry can be traced back 16 more generations to the time of William the Conqueror, as follows:

  1. Marmaduke's father was Robert Beckwith "of Clint and Thorp; will dated October 6th, and proved March 24th, 1536; married Jennet".
  2. Robert's father was John Beckwith "of Clint and Thorp; eighth year of Edward 4th".
  3. John's father was Robert Beckwith "of Broxholme; living in the eight year of King Edward the Fourth".
  4. Robert's father was John Beckwith who "married the daughter of Thomas Radcliff of Mulgrave".
  5. John's father was Thomas Beckwith "of Clint, Lord of one-third part of Fily, Muston and Thorp; he died 10th year of Henry 7th; he married the daughter and heiress of William Heslerton, heiress of a one-third part of the manors of Filey, Muston and Thorp, inherited from Havisia, daughter and heiress of Ralph Neville".
  6. Thomas's father was Sir William Beckwith, "de Clint, Knight, married the daughter of Sir John Baskerville".
  7. Sir William Beckwith was a son of Adam Beckwith "de Clint, married Elizabeth de Malebisse, 4 Richard 2d" (fourth year of the reign of Richard II).
  8. Adam's father was Thomas Beckwith, "of Clint and Manors of Magna Otrigen and Housley, near Thursby, 4, Richard 2d, which lands were holden of John Lord Mowbray, as his Manor of Thursk. he married the daughter of John Sawly of Saxton".
  9. Thomas's father was William Beckwith, "Seized of the Manor of Beckwithsaw, 38th year of Edward 3d, 1364, married a daughter of Sir Girard Urfleet".
  10. William's father was Hamon Beckwith, "who took upon him in 1339, coat of arms of John, Lord de Malebisse," was seized of the Lordship of Clint, bounding on the north side of Niddjuxta, Hampswaite and of Uglebarby in Whitby Strand, Pickering and Roxby Manor of Beckwith and Beckwithshaw, 12th year of Edward 3d, 1339; he married a daughter of Sir Phlip Tynley, Kt."
  11. Hamon's father was Nicholas Beckwith "de Clint, married the daughter of Sir John Chaworth".
  12. Nicholas was a son of Sir Hercules Beckwith who "married daughter of John Ferrers of Tamworth Castle".
  13. Sir Hercules's father was Sir Hercules de Malebisse, "who changed his name to Beckwith, on his marriage in 1226, Lord of Uglebarby, by deed shown the Lord Marshall in 1339; he married Lady Dame Beckwith Bruce, daughter of Sir William Bruce, Lord of Uglebarby, derived from Sir Robert Bruce, of Skelton in Cleveland, progenitor of the Royal Bruces of Scotland".
  14. Sir Hercules de Malebisse's father was Sir Simon de Malebisse, "Lord of Cowton in Craven, married the daughter of John, Lord of Methley".
  15. Sir Simon de Malebisse's father was Hugo de Malebisse, living in 1138; his will was proven in the third year of King Stephen; he married twice; his second wife was Maude, daughter of Knyveton of Knyveton. By his first wife, Emma, daughter of William de Percy and Adalaid de Tonbridge, he had the following children: Hugo, Richard, William, Simon and Matilda".
  16. Hugo's father was Sir Hugh de Malebisse who "held lands time with William the Conqueror is all that is known of this valiant knight; born in Normandy as were all the followers of the Conqueror".


Marmaduke Beckwith & were the parents of my ancestor,

  1. Thomas Beckwith
  2. William Beckwith
  3. Roger Beckwith
  4. Symon Beckwith
  5. Jane Beckwith
  6. Alice Beckwith
  7. Grace Beckwith
  8. Anne Beckwith
  9. Mathew Beckwith
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