In memory of Rebecca Alice Reese, my Maternal 4th Great-Grandmother on the REESE branch.


  • "Rebeca Woodsides" death certificate Pennsylvania File #41801, Jordan, Lycoming, County. (Provides the names of her parents, David Reece and Susan Rider, both born in Pennsylvania. It also confirms her birth and death date).

  • "Rebecca Woodsides" grave gives her date of birth "Jan 1, 1844" and her date of death "Apr 23, 1917".

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Genealogy is my hobby and the information provided here is a work in progress. I have loads of information to add and new finds are continually being discovered. If you have any corrections, additions, or comments to contribute, please use the comment box below. Visit the Latest Updates page to see when this Ancestor Profile page is updated. 

Rebecca Alice Reese

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1844 Jan 1

Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania


1859 Dec 29

Muncy, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania



1917 Apr 23

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Stone Heap Cemetery (Franklin Bethel)

Franklin, Lycoming, Pennsylvania


Rebecca Alice Reese was born in Pennsylvania on January 1, 1844. She is said to have been an illegitimate daughter of David Reese and Susan Elizabeth Ryder (or Reider). She married at the age of 15 to James Temple. They were married on Dec. 29, 1859, in Muncy, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, and in 1860 their new family was counted on the census in Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Their son, John Lloyd Temple was one month old. James died in a logging accident in or before 1865. She remarried to James Herman Woodside in 1865 and together they had at least five more children. Rebecca died at the age of 73 on April 23, 1917, in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. She rests in Franklin Stone Heap Cemetery in a grave with James Woodside.

Note: Rebecca was not found in the home of David Reese in 1850 or 1860. There was, however, a 5-year old girl name Rebecca in the home of David's brother Abram Jr & Sarah "Reece" in Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, in 1850 when the census was taken. Abraham was 38, Sarah was 34, Josiah was 18, Elizabeth was 15, Lydia was 11, Catharine was 13, Lavina was 9, Barbara was 7, Rebeca was 5, Harriet was 3, and Edwards was four months old. Therefore, none of Abram's children living in the home were the parent of Rebecca. Jacob and Susan (Ryder) Herriman (Rebecca's mother) are listed on the same census page, with only Abraham Reese Sr being between the two families. The same Rebecca was still living with the family in the same place in 1860.


Rebecca Alice Reese & James Temple were the parents of my ancestor,

Records, photos, and memorabilia pertaining to the life of Rebecca Alice Reese:

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Possible match on Chromosome 15 from 88,226,006 to 96,304,027. SNPs 2101. cM 25.7

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There are TWO Rebecca Reece/Reese's who are constantly being confused. This Bio is meant to clear up the confusion as to which is the correct REBECCA "ALICE" REECE/REESE subject of this page, and who her correct parents were.

ONE Rebecca MARGARET Reece/Reese (b. Abt 1846 d. 1896) is the daughter of Abraham Reese, Jr. (b. 19 July 1814 d. 1860) who was a son of Abraham Reese & Catherine (George) Reese,- and SARAH Elizabeth Reider/Rider (b. 1811 d. ? ) who was a daughter of John Reider/Rider and Elizabeth Berkhart, - and SISTER to SUSAN Elizabeth "Betsy" Reider/Rider.)

This Rebecca MARGARET, AGE 14, is enumerated on 1860 Census "living at home with her parents," Abraham and SARAH Reece/Reese, JR.

** Source: 1860 CENSUS NARA Roll M653_1136, Pg 217, Image 225 : Census Image Pg. 197, Line 11, Rebecca Age 14, "living with parents" ABRAHAM Reese, JR and SARAH, Franklin Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA ( VARIATION ON SPELLING OF SURNAME: Enumerator spelled surname 'Reece' )

This Rebecca "MARGARET" Reece/Reese married WILLIAM GEORGE.


THE "OTHER" Rebecca who is subject of this page, Rebecca "ALICE" Reese (b. 1 Jan 1844 d. 23 Apr 1917), who is being confused with the Rebecca Margaret Reece/Reese, is the daughter of David Reese (b. 1 Jan 1824 d. 26 Dec 1911) who was a son of Abraham Reese & Catherine (George) Reese, - and "SUSAN" Elizabeth "Betsy" Reider/Rider (b. 30 Oct 1824 d. 9 Sep 1898) who was a daughter of John Reider/Rider and Elizabeth Berkhart,- and SISTER to SARAH Elizabeth Reider/Rider.) DAVID and SUSAN did NOT marry.

This Rebecca "ALICE," did not live with either parent, may have been raised by her paternal grandparents Abraham & Catherine (George) Reese.

This Rebecca "ALICE," AGE 16, is enumerated in 1860 Census "living with (married to)" James Temple & "son" John Lloyd, "living next door to her birth mother" SUSAN Elizabeth "Betsy" (Reider/Rider) and her husband Jacob Herriman/Harriman and their children. ** Abraham and SARAH Elizabeth (Reider/Rider) Reese, Jr. and THEIR daughter Rebecca MARGARET (Age 14) "are also neighbors" close by.

** Source: 1860 CENSUS NARA Roll M653_1136, Pg 218, Image 225: Census Image Pg. 198, Line 22, Rebecca AGE 16, "married to & living with" James Temple, son John L., Franklin Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA. (TRANSCRIPTION ERROR: Surname transcribed as 'Simple' )

This Rebecca "ALICE" first married (m. 29 Dec 1859) James Temple (b. 1838 d. 1865) and together they had two sons, John Lloyd Temple (b. 1860 d. 1937) and William Henry Temple (b. 1865 d. 1953). James Temple was killed in a logging accident in 1865 when a tree fell on him, from family story/records . ** Still searching for 'verification' of how he died and where.

This Rebecca "ALICE" second married (m. Dec 1867) James Herman Woodside (b. 3 Aug 1848 d. 9 Nov 1912), my maternal Gr-Grandfather, and together they had 7 children, one of which was my grandfather Robert Edward "Ed" Woodside who married Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wilson, who had two daughters, Ethel Clia Woodside and Esther Lucille Woodside, one of which was MY MOTHER.

This Rebecca "ALICE's" birth father, David Reese, later married Susannah C. George, and they had 7 children.

This Rebecca "ALICE's" birth mother, SUSAN Elizabeth "Betsy" Reider/Rider, later married Jacob Herriman/Harriman and they had 11 children.

This Rebecca "ALICE's" father and mother named on her PA Death Certificate #41801 are David Reece and Susan Rider; Death information informant was Rebecca's son George B. Woodside.



James Herman Woodside and REBECCA "ALICE" (REESE) Woodside (daughter of DAVID Reese and SUSAN Elizabeth "Betsy" Reider/Rider) were my maternal Gr-Grandparents.



Have NOT found Rebecca "ALICE" Reese in 1850 Census.

There is a Rebecca Reese, AGE 6 (born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania) living with James and Eliza Frick family in Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA, enumerated in the 1850 Census.

However, although the age is correct, I DO NOT believe this is MY Rebecca; she would have been born in LYCOMING COUNTY, Pennsylvania, USA. If raised by her paternal grandparents Abraham Reese and Catherine (George) Reese, or any other extended family members, she would have more than likely been raised in Penn, Franklin, or Jordan Township, LYCOMING COUNTY, Pennsylvania.

** Source: 1850 Census NARA Roll 432_799, Pg 81B, Image 163: Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA.



In 1870 Federal Census for FRANKLIN Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, Rebecca "ALICE" and James Herman Woodside are found with TRANSCRIPTION ERROR of Surname as "Snyder" due to enumerator reversing James' name on Census page. ("Snyder" was surname of family above/preceding them on Census page.)

** Source: James Herman and Rebecca "Alice" Woodside and family are Line 13 thru 17 on Census Page.

This Bio of REBECCA "ALICE" REESE vs. REBECCA "MARGARET" RESSE, who are constantly being confused, was extensively researched and written by me. REBECCA "ALICE" (REESE) TEMPLE and JAMES HERMAN WOODSIDE were my maternal Gr-Grandparents.
I would be interested in being contacted by anyone who has DOCUMENTS, PROOF, VERIFICATION, that any of above information can be disclaimed, proven otherwise. Also, I would be interested in any DOCUMENTS, PROOF, VERIFICATION, on JAMES TEMPLE who was first husband of REBECCA "ALICE" REESE, as to when, where, and how he died; I only have a family "story" handed down that he was killed in a logging accident and his body was never found, so how do we know when and if he died? I have contacted the Elk County Historical Society for any information they may have, because he was believed to have gone there to look for work. The ECHS has NO information on a James Temple. ~ A.M. (Jacobs) Woodling e-mail


In my response from Elk County Historical Society, and other entities I have contacted, it was suggested that James Temple may have joined in the Civil War, and/or deserted Rebecca. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has any such information. ~ A.M. (Jacobs) Woodling e-mail

Genealogy Addict

Thank you for all the great info, gldngrl1! Please feel free to use the Temple or Reese forums where it's easier to separate topics and edit your comment. I'm sorry you were having problems with updating your comment. I believe it saved, but the "Go Back" button wasn't responding. I'm working on fixing it now. Thank you for letting me know. Here's the link to the forums:
Also, have you had your DNA tested? We have at least 3 tests to compare to in my known Reese/Temple line.

Genealogy Addict

I just looked over your information and it looks like it all lines up. Am I missing something? This page is for Rebecca who was the mother of John Lloyd Temple. He was born in 1860 and was living in Franklin with James and Rebecca that year when the census was taken.


I have edited the Bio for the TWO Rebecca's Reece/Reese ladies so it may not be confusing, pointing out that REBECCA "ALICE" REECE/REESE is the subject of this page. To answer your question regarding DNA testing, no I have not done a DNA test, and have no plans to, since the companies administering these tests have been, and are, selling the test databases for which people have paid to be tested.

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