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Robert Leonard & Leon Shevalier with Cortland County Highway Dept

While searching in hopes of finding an old photo of the Cortland County Highway Department men working, I came across the obituary of Leon Shevalier, who also worked for the CCHD. He was born about 1890 and died in 1975. He was counted on the 1900 census in the home of Nathan & Mary Shevalier in Virgil. He may be the one who helped Robert Leonard get the job in the department. Their lineages are as follows:

Leon Shevalier < Nathan Shevalier (1858-1952) < Isaac Shevalier (1830-1878) < John Shevalier (1799-1866) < Jeremiah Shevalier (1755-1824).
Robert Leonard < Rose (Hollenbeck) Leonard (1893-1974) < Jasper Hollenbeck (1861-1937) < Lucy Shevalier Hollenbeck (1825-1905) < Peter Shevalier (18800-1850) < Jeremiah Shevalier (1755-1824). Therefore, Leon was Robert's mother's 3rd Cousin. Leon and Robert were 3rd Cousins 1x Removed.

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Cortland Standard, Jan. 28, 1965 courtesty of

- The LEONARD Branch -

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