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Windmill in England (Gov. Arnold)

"But the enthusiastic advocates of a Scandinavian -occupancy of the American Continent were looking about them for such evidences as their opponents required to satisfy their doubt, and the first object which engaged their attention was the old tower at Newport, which so well represents the mode of building by the Norse people of about the twelfth century, and concerning the origin of which no satisfactory explanation existed until recently ; but we now know that it was built by Governor Benedict Arnold, about the year 1676,- and was copied from a similar structure still standing; in his native town in England. (Source: Vide Mourt's Relation edited by Henry Martyn Dexter, Bos- ton, 1865, pp. 32-34).

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Early voyages to America : a paper read before the Rhode Island Historical Society, by Baxter, James Phinney, 1831-1921; Rhode Island Historical Society; YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress) DLC, Publication date 1889. Free access at

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