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Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

An amazing collection of early American biographies, divided into volumes, which you can browse and read online. The index to the series is found in Volume 6. Note: This resource is not 100% trustworthy, according to historians. Click here to learn about errors and inconsistencies found.

Choose a volume:

Volume 1 -

Click here - Aaron - Crandall

Volume 2 -

Click here - Crane - Grimshaw Volume 3 -

Click here or here - Grinnell - Lockwell Volume 4 -

Click here or here - Lodge - Pickens Volume 5 -

Click here or here - Pickering - Sumter Volume 6 -

Click here or here - Sunderland - Zurita

(Vol. 6 also contains supplement A-Z)

Volume 7 -

Click here or here - Abbott - Young and analytical index


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