Biographies from Hampstead, N.H.

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

This impressive work should be of great value to those with ancestors or relatives from Hampstead, New Hampshire. Volume 1 is primarily about the history of the town and Volume 2 is devoted to the town's church history from 1752 to 1902.

Most importantly, a list of baptisms and admissions are included as well as a biographical sketch of each member - for a total of 775!

"A memorial of the town of Hampstead, New Hampshire : historic and genealogic sketches. Proceedings of the centennial celebration, July 4th, 1849. Proceedings of the 150th anniversary of the town's incorporation, July 4th, 1899", by Noyes, Harriette Eliza, b. 1848, published 1899.

Read both volumes free of charge at using these easy shortcuts:

Volume 1 [Read]

Volume 2 [Read]

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