Clark Harvey drafted 1863

John Clark Harvey, better known as "Clark Harvey", was living in Lapeer, Cortland County, New York, in 1860 when the census was taken.

When the call of duty rang out in 1863, the quota for his district was 96 men. Names were drawn from 362 of the qualified men in Virgil, Harford and Lapeer. The article describes the selected conscripts as fortunate but certainly many dreaded the draft and the announcement published in the Cortland Gazette and Banner on August 27, 1863. With a 26% chance of his name being drawn, Clark's name was selected. No further information has been found regarding his service in the Civil War, however. Perhaps he filed an exemption? In 1870, he was living with Betsy (Stowell) Barrows, widow of Squires Barrows, who he married soon after.

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