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Daniels Family of Washington (State)

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Percy H. Daniels was born in Olympia, Washington. (See the Daniels page for more information about his life). Percy was married and living in Solon, Cortland County, New York, in 1940. (Click here to see). In Seattle, 1940, the following household of women was reported. Barbara Daniels, widow, age 79, born in Scotland, with four daughters in the home: Elaine Daniels (age 54, born in Illinois, single), Elizabeth Daniels (age 52, seamstress, born in Illinois, single), Edith Daniels (age 48, dressmaker, born in Illinois, single), and Ethel Wyckoff (age 50, widowed, born in Illinois, teacher). Edith was the lucky one to land on the space for the Supplementary Questions, in which she indicated her parents were both born in Scotland.

The mother, Barbara, was born abt. 1861 and her daughters were born between 1886 and 1892.

Because on one ship record, Percy give his nationality as Scottish, and also because he named his daughter "Ethel", I suspect they could be related somehow. Anyone with information about these Daniels women, please comment below.

Daniels family in Seattle Washington 1940



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