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Heller Bros. Steel brought the Dickinson family to Newark, NJ in 1907

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

A handwritten note on the back of an old photo of the home Harry Dickinson's family lived in at 178 South 7th Street in Newark, New Jersey, details the neighborhood, names of neighbors, and life there in the early 1900s:

Backside of photo

"Harry Dickinson, father of John Dickinson, settled here in 1907 when John was 2 years old. The steel industry was moving into New Jersey and Heller's Steel made it financially attractive for Harry Dickinson to leave Pittsburgh, PA. Tragedy struck when his wife died in 1913 leaving 7 children." (illegible) "Cattle grazed all over the speedway now the Garden State Highway" (now the Garden State Parkway).

Heller Bros., Newark, NJ

For more on the Dickinson family, see the Dickinson page.


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