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John Deming (8th Great-Grandfather of Mary Esther Harvey

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Mary E. Harvey (1910-1988)

Mary Esther Harvey was a descendant of John Deming of Wethersfield, Connecticut, the subject of the 1904 book by Judson Keith Deming, "Genealogy of the descendants of John Deming of Wethersfield, Connecticut". The book is available at (free).

Mary's lineage to John Deming is as follows:

Generation 1 - Mary Esther Harvey was born on 16 Mar 1910, in Newark Valley, Tioga County, New York. She married first to Lloyd "John" Reese on 18 Apr 1930. She married second to William H. Gaul, Sr. in 1962. Bill died in 1980 and Mary followed eight year later, dying on 22 Sep 1988 in Cortland. She was laid to rest at Willow Glen Cemetery in Dryden, with her parents and grandparents. John Reese died in 2005.

Generation 2 - Gertrude Shirley was born on 4 Aug 1878. She first married to Archibald Bell, in 1898, a marriage ending in divorce within 5 years. On 9 Jan 1904 she married to Newman Harvey. Gertrude died on 9 Oct 1937, and was buried in Willow Glen Cemetery in Dryden.

Generation 3 - Royal J. Shirley was born on 19 May 1851, in Richford, Tioga County, New York. He married Mary J. Brooks and died on 6 Apr 1928 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York. He is buried in Willow Glen Cemetery in Dryden.

Generation 4 - Esther Abigail Ensign was born on 27 Aug 1826, in Herkimer, New York. She married John Shirley in Lisle on 31 Dec 1844, and died on 4 Aug 1861, in Richford, Tioga County, New York.

Generation 5 - Royal Ensign was born on 22 Jan 1792 in Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. He married first to Polly Warner Rood in 1814, and second, to Sarah Rood, in 1822. He died on 11 Sep 1868 in Lisle, New York, and is buried in Hunts Corners Cemetery in Lapeer, Cortland County, New York.

Generation 6 - Datus Ensign, Jr. was born on 20 June 1752 in West Hartford, Connecticut. He served in Capt. David Moseley's Company during the Civil War. (Moseley married Paul Revere's sister). Datus married Abigail Woolworth in 1779, and he died on 15 Apr 1832 in Boston, Erie County, New York.

"Arms - Gules, between three bucks' heads couped at the neck argent, a crescent of the last for difference. Crest - A lion's head erased or."

Generation 7 - Datus Ensign, Sr. was born on 22 Sept 1729 in Hartford, Connecticut. He married Lucretia Seymour in 1750.

Generation 8 - Sarah Moody was born on 21 May 1702 at Hartford, Connecticut. She married David Ensign in 1726 and died on 10 Mar 1776 in West Hartford.

Generation 9 - John Moody was born on 24 July 1661. He married Sarah Evarts and died on 5 Nov 1732. There has been some confusion regarding Sarah (wife of David Ensign) Moody's parents. In "Reese Family Record" Samuel Moody and Sarah Lane were given as his parents, which I now believe is an error.

Generation 10 - Sarah Deming, born bet. 1641-1654, married John Moody of Hartford, Connecticut, and died on 29 Sept 1717 in Hadley, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of John Deming and Honor Treat.

Generation 11 - John Deming married Honor Treat.



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