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Joshua Burrill timeline could reveal a clue

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

In an effort to find out if Joshua Burrill was the father of my 4th great-grandmother, Sophronia Burrill, I took some time to make a timeline for a better angle. Since Joshua's will names his three oldest daughters, his son, and his youngest daughter, I wanted to find out when and where Sophronia came into the picture and if there was any evidence of her being with the family. Take a look at what I discovered!

  • 1781 - Joshua Burrill was born in 1781 in Thompson, Windham, Connecticut.

  • 1809 - He married Caroline Fitts in Oxford, Massachusetts, on March 9, 1809. (Oxford is abt. 10 miles north of Thompson).

  • 1810 - Joshua & Caroline's daughter Martha "Patty" Burrill was born Jan. 29, 1810 in Connecticut.

  • 1812 - Joshua & Caroline's daughter Brooksey was born Nov. 14, 1812. Her obituary states she was born in Middlebury, Massachusetts but no such place exists in Massachusetts. There is a Middlebury in New Haven County, Connecticut, abt. 84 miles southwest of Thompson, where Joshua was born. Another possibility is that she was born in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

  • 1813 - Joshua & Caroline's son, Arba F. Burrill was born in Connecticut.

  • 1814 - Joshua & Caroline's daughter Achsah was born in Massachusetts.

  • 1815 - Joshua & Caroline's daughter Sophronia was born in Massachusetts (UNCONFIRMED BUT LIKELY)

  • 1820 - Census of Worcester, Mass. (One male under age 10 (Arba), one male 26-44 (Joshua), three females under 10 (Brooksey, Achsah, Sophronia?), one female age 10-15 (Martha), one female age 26-44 (Caroline).

  • 1825 - Joshua & Caroline's daughter Mahaleth was born in Massachusetts.

  • 1825 - Joshua appears on tax list in Camillus, Onondaga County, New York.

  • 1827 - Joshua & Caroline's daughter Martha "Patty" Burrill marries David Redman.

  • 1830 - Census of Elbridge, Onondaga, New York (One male age 5-9 (???), one male age 15-19 (Arba), one male age 40-49 (Joshua), one female age 10-14 (? Mahaleth was abt. 5), one female age 15-19 (Brooksey?), and one female 40-49 (Caroline).

  • 1830 - Joshua & Caroline's daughter Brooksey Burrill marries John King, October 1830.

  • 1840 - Census of Pembroke, Genesee, New York (one male age 20-29 (Arba), one male age 50-59 (Joshua), one female age 20-29 (?), and one female age 50-59 (Caroline)

  • 1848 - Caroline died in 1848 and Joshua remarried to a woman by the name of Merinda.

  • 1864 - Joshua's will was written on April 23, 1864.

  • 1865 - Joshua died on April 15, 1865. It was the very same day of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. His will was probated on May 22, 1865, in Genesee County, New York.

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