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Mary Ann (Dickinson) Lewis-Proctor

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Mary Ann Dickinson was born in 1857 in England. She is the younger woman standing in back between her two brothers, Harry and William. Her parents, John and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Dickinson are seated in front. She came to America with her family in the 1880s and lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

John & Elizabeth Dickinson and children

Mary Ann married first to Joseph Proctor, with whom she had six children including Mary, John, Joseph, Harry and Martin Proctor. Baby Martin died in July o f 1889 and Mr. Proctor died two years later, in 1891.

Mary Ann married second to Samuel Lewis, with whom she had three more children: Lillian, Samuel and Frank Lewis. Samuel, Jr. died young, Frank married but had no children, and Lillian married Jack King and had a daughter. (Photo courtesy of the late Robert J. Dickinson).

Mary Ann died in January of 1938 and is buried in Allegheny Cemetery with her parents and both husbands.

Shown here is "Aunty, Joe, Emma, Mary & Harry Dickinson"

In this photo, John Dickinson and his brother, William H. Dickinson stand with their cousin, Joe Proctor - a son of of Mary Ann:

This photo is labeled "Uncle and Aunty and Harry Dickinson". It appears to be Harry's sister, Mary Ann and either her husband, Samuel Lewis, or their brother William, at left.

This photo resembles Mary Ann as well. It is unmarked, from the collections of the late Robert J. Dickinson. If this was her, was the man her first husband, Joseph Proctor?

Read more about this family on the Dickinson page.


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