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Quail Hill Cemetery in Lapeer, New York (video)

Recently, I visited Lapeer to see the homes of some of my ancestors who lived in the area in the 1800s. One such ancestor was Newman Harvey, my 4th great-grandfather. He arrived in Lapeer, Cortland County, New York, in the early 1820's and lived there at least 40 years. He lived on Harvey Hill Road. On my way to Harvey Hill, I passed a small, very old cemetery on Quail Hill Road, less than a mile from Harvey Hill Road. Since I have yet to discover when or where Newman Harvey and his wife died or where they were buried, it didn't take me long to decide to pull over and investigate!

Unfortunately, I found no grave for Newman Harvey. I did, however, find mention of him! On his daughter's headstone, which is in remarkably good condition, especially considering she predeceased him by at least twenty years, the following is written:

"Julia Ann, daughter of Newman & Lucy Harvy died Sep. 12, 1840 in her 21st Year".

Next to Julia's is the ornate gravestone of Dennis Harvey, her brother, and his wife, Mariah. There may have been inscriptions on the sides of the stone, but it is very hard to tell. Behind Julia's stone is a small stone which cannot be read at all. Perhaps this was the burial place of her mother and/or father? Anyone with information or access to early Virgil and Lapeer records, please share any information you may have on the Harveys!


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