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The Anne & The Little James, 1623

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Of the original arrivals in the Plymouth Bay Colony, we know the Mayflower passengers made the first settlement in 1620, followed by The Fortune in 1621. Next to arrive were the Anne and the Little James in 1623. The two ships departed England and traveled together, but the Little James was slightly delayed after going off course. The Anne arrived on July 10th and Little James arrived on August 5th, three weeks later. Each ship didn't have it's own passenger list, but Governor Bradford's writings and other records provide us with the following names of passengers known to be on one of the ships:

Anthony Annable

Jane (Momford) Annable

Edward Bangs

John Bangs

Jonathan Bangs

Mrs. Lydia (Hix) Bangs

Robert Bartlett

Mary Becket

Fear Brewster

Patience Brewster

Mrs. Mary (Oldham) Bridges

William Bridges*

Edward Burcher*

Thomas Clark

Christopher Conant

Mrs. Hester Cook

Anthony Dix

John Faunce

Mrs. Flavel

Edmond Flood

Mrs. Bridget Fuller

Godbert Godbertson

Sarah (Allerton) Vincent-Priest Godbertson

Alice (Collard) Hatherley

Timothy Hatherley

William Heard

Mary Hilton

Mrs. Hilton

William Hilton

John Hix (presumed)

Mrs. Margaret Hix

Sarah Hix (presumed)

Edward Holman

John Jenney*

Sarah (Carey) Jenney*

Manasseh Kempton

Robert Long

Experience Mitchell

Thomas Morton Jr

George Morton*

Juliana (Carpenter) Morton*

Mrs. Ellen Newton

John Oldham

Lucretia Oldham

Mrs. Oldham

Mrs. Frances Palmer

Christian Penn

Joshua Pratt

Mary Priest

Sarah Priest

James Rand

Robert Ratcliffe

Nicholas Snow

Constant Southworth

Mrs. Alice (Carpenter) Southworth

Thomas Southworth

Francis Sprague


Thomas Tilden

Stephen Tracy

Tryphosa (Lee) Tracy

Mrs. Joyce Wallen

Ralph Wallen

Abigail Warren

Anne Warren

Elizabeth Warren

Mary Warren

Mrs. Elizabeth Warren

Sarah Warren

Note: I found an interesting book called Christopher Jarrett of New Plymouth, published January 1, 1957, by Winona Strachan. The main character of the story is Christopher Jarrett, who arrived in Plymouth three years after the Mayflower. Could he have been on the Anne or the Little James? See my previous blog for details.


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