The travels of Frederick Dykeman

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Frederick Dykeman was baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church at Hackensack, New Jersey, on June 17, 1711. He grew up in Hackensack and in Rye, New York, and was 15 when his father bought land in Norwalk, Connecticut. In 1737 he was living in Fairfield County, possibly in Redding, where he was living in 1743 and 1744. Two of his daughters are known to have been baptized in Redding in 1744 and 1746. He died sometime after 1762 in Redding, Fairfield County, Connecticut - possibly after 1790, as there was a Frederick Dikeman counted on the census there that year. Frederick's father died there in 1768.

This map helps us visualize the travels of Frederick Dykeman, a life's journey that spanned 58 miles, from Hackensack, New Jersey, to Redding, Connecticut.

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  • Johannes Dyckman of Fort Orange and his descendants, by Marjorie Dikeman Chamberlain, 1988, p. 23-24.

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