In memory of Abraham Reese Jr, my Maternal 4th Great-Grandfather on the REESE branch.


  • 1850 U.S. Federal Census Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

  • 1860 U.S. Federal Census Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

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Abraham Reese Jr

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1814 July 19

Columbia County, Pennsylvania


1831 (est.)





Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania



Abraham Reese, Jr. was born on the 19th of July, 1814, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Abraham Reese and Catherine. He was married to Sarah Elizabeth Rider abt. 1831. She was born in 1811, in Longswamp, Berks County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of John Rider and Elizabeth Berkhart. Abraham died bet. 1860 and 1862 abt. the age of 47 in Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Sarah died in 1885 in Columbia County. Their burial places have yet to be determined. 


Abraham Reese Jr & Sarah Ryder were the parents of my ancestor,

  1. Josiah Reese (1832-1911)

  2. Mary Elizabeth Reese, born on 8 Aug 1833, married John Russell Swisher and died 30 Apr 1907.

  3. Barbara E. Reese, born 10 Apr 1837, married Peter Hofper in 1859 and died 21 Oct 1918.

  4. Catherine Reese, born 1 Jul 1838, died 30 Mar 1864. Some genealogies give her husband as Henry Swisher, indicating some confusion between this Catherine and her brother, Edward’s wife, Catherine. Additional research needed.

  5. Lavina Reese, born abt. 1844, married Wesley E. Temple on 17 Aug 1865 and died after 1900.

  6. Rebecca Margaret Reese, born 1846, married James Temple on 29 Dec 1859 and died on 23 Apr 1917.

  7. Harriet Reese, born 1848, married William Keller and died no later than 1943.

  8. Sarah Jane Reese, born 1857, married Robert McCormick Steinruck and died 17 Mar 1894.

  9. Lydia Reese, born 17 Oct 1859 and died May 1884.

  10. Edward Reese, born 27 Aug 1850, married Catherine “Kate” Schwinn, born in Feb 1858 in Pennsylvania to German immigrants. Edward died at the age of 33, on 15 Apr 1884 in Pennsylvania. In 1900, his wife was found in Jordan, Lycoming, Pennsylvania with her new husband of 14 years, Henry Swisher. Catherine reports having seven children, of which only four were still living. They were Mary L. Reese, born about 1877; Frederick Reese, born Apr 1878, Stanley L. Reese, born Dec 1879; and Eldora Reese, born Aug 1883.

Records, photos, and memorabilia pertaining to the life of Abraham Reese Jr:
Abraham Reese Jr on Chromosome 15

Abraham Reese Jr on Chromosome 15

Abraham Reese Jr on the Census 1850-1860

Abraham Reese Jr on the Census 1850-1860

Reese Family Y-DNA Haplogroup

Reese Family Y-DNA Haplogroup

Reese family in Wales and America

Reese family in Wales and America

DNA Notes:

Match on Chromosome 15 from 88,907,012 to 98,492,250. Also confirmed matches with Kara_Shumaker and JRWb74 trees on Ancestry

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