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Fill-in Relationship Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the relationship between you and a relative. Start by filling in the chart, with your name in the YOU space. Then enter your parents and ancestors in the yellow squares. Enter a sibling of you, your parents, or your grandparents in the GOLD squares. Each person's children are listed in the row below theirs - one for your ancestor (yellow), and one for their sibling(s).

Note: This form is for your use and the data is not submitted or saved on our server. The form is not compatible with mobile devices at this time.

Sorry! This page is too complex for mobile view. Please try it using a PC or try this Relationship Calculator.

Fill in Relationsip Calculator
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Start by entering a name of the first person you are calculating the relationship of here: 

Example: Me or Mary


In this example, the relationship between Lucretia Seymour and Datus Ensign is calculated. Lucretia is entered as the main person ("YOU"), with her line of descent from their common ancestor (Richard Treat) above her name. Datus descends from Lucretia's great-grand aunt, Honor Treat. His descent is shown in the rows below Honor's name. The chart shows that Datus and Lucretia were 3rd cousins, 1x removed.

Susanna & Honor Treat

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