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In memory of Samuel Stowell II, my Maternal 9th Great-Grandfather on the HARVEY branch.


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Genealogy is my hobby and the information provided here is a work in progress. I have loads of information to add and new finds are continually being discovered. If you have any corrections, additions, or comments to contribute, please use the comment box below. Visit the Latest Updates page to see when this Ancestor Profile page is updated. 

Samuel Stowell II

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Devon, England


1649 Oct 25

Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts



1683 Nov 9

Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Fort Hill Cemetery

Hingham, Massachusetts



Samuel Stowell was born in Devon, England between 1625 and 1626. He arrived in Hingham, Massachusetts, in 1635. He married Mary Farrow in Hingham on October 25, 1649. Out of seven sons, six married. Four remained in Hingham (Samuel, John, William and Benjamin), while David and Israel moved to Newton and raised large families. A fire in 1770 destroyed the church archives leaving little record of them. He died in Hingham on November 9, 1683. He was about 58 years old.

Information about the first arrivals in Hingham are printed in History of the town of Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, by Solomon Lincoln, 1827, p. 48, p. 82, and 85. [Link]

From Stowell Genealogy:

"SAMUEL STOWELL was a blacksmith. In those days, especially in a small community like Hingham, the village blacksmith was a very useful member. He not only shod the horses, but repaired all the wagons, farming tools and implements and, what was of great importance, the fire arms with which those pioneers defended their homes and property. His work was humble and undoubtedly crude measured by modern standards, but it covered a wide scope, was essential and apparently was well done for he stood well and was a respected member in that rather dignified and self-respecting community, for his descendants all married into the best families of Hingham and Newton. Samuel does not appear to have taken any part in the political or official or church life of Hingham for his name does not appear as an office holder. Bringing up a large family seemingly engrossed all his time and thoughts. His mental characteristics are shown in that clause of his will wherein he provided for his wife and children.

The will of Samuel Stowell was dated 27 Oct. 1683, probated 30 Jan. 1683-4. Wife Mary and sons Samuel and David Stowell appointed Administratrix and Administrators. "To wife Mary for her maintenance and the bringing up of my children, not already brought up, during the time of her widowhood, then on her marriage or decease, the estate is to be divided among my children, both sons and daughters, my eldest son Samuel to have a double share. My beloved friends Capt. John Jacob and Thomas Lincoln to be overseers of my estate." Inventory £185.1.2 (Suff. Prob., Vol. 6, p. 447.) Residence, Fort Hill Street, Hingham. Had a lot in Hingham granted to him in 1656 and drew lot No. 4, his share in undivided land in Cohasset in 1670. "At a town meeting 12 Dec. 1677, the inhabitants who are proprietors of the undivided common lands in said Hingham give and grant unto Samuel Stowell to his heirs and assigns forever, the 59th lot in 4th Division of land in said Hingham and Weymouth, containing ten and one-half acres, etc."


Samuel Stowell II & Mary Farrow were the parents of my ancestor,

  1. Samuel Stowell (1655-1695), married Rachel Gill (1661-1715), daughter of Thomas Gill (and Hannah Otis), another early settler of Hingham.
  2. John Stowell (1657/8-1689)
  3. David Stowell (1660-1724), married Mary Champney and had Samuel and Ruth. Married 2nd to Mary Stedman in 1692.
  4. Mary Stowell (1653-1714), married John Garnet in 1662/3.
  5. Remember Stowell (1662-1694), married Theodore Remington in 1684.
  6. Infant Stowell, born and died in 1664.
  7. Israel Stowell, who was born in April, 1668 and lived only seven months. He died Nov. 5, 1669.
  8. Israel Stowell, born Oct, 10, 1670. (Twin of William).
  9. William Stowell, born Oct. 10, 1670. (Twin of Israel).
  10. Elizabeth Stowell (1678-1746), married George Lane (or Lowe) in 1699.
  11. Benjamin Stowell, born 1676.
Records, photos, and memorabilia pertaining to the life of Samuel Stowell II:

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