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Fri., 1/3 Received a letter from cousin Annie in England. Wrote to Edgar in B&F. Had a honored visitor, cousin Lena from Titusville. Went to Aunty after lunch. Left my guest. Called on Mrs. Little a neighbor for a chat. Returned for my visitor. Brought her home for supper. Then escorted her to the Hudson Tubes*. Spent the evening at home. (*See Appendix A, next image).

Sat., 1/4 Cleaned up and went with father to meet Lena in New York for sight seeing up through New York to Grant’s tomb. Saw the fleet on the river, which was a wonderful sight. They returned on Dec. 26, 1918 from foreign water since the Armistice* was signed. Wandered around quite lost in up town NY. Drank hot coffee in bakery. Came back on underground railroad to Newark. Went to moving pictures. Came home, ate supper at 12 o’clock. Went to bed 2 o’clock after talking. (*See Appendix C, following).

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