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Sat., 6/14 Hurried this morning & got kitchen done & bathed Ruth after cooking dinner arrived at hospital on time only to find one of our class & no one to send us to wards. I was just as happy for I took French leave* and went in Ward 5 with my dear of a friend Miss Sharp. Met one of the doctors & a great many patients who were happy to see a new face. Helped make & apply linseed plasters. Like the ward very much. Spent the rest of night home. (*Term meaning “left without permission or secretly”).

Sun., 6/15 Off to church since it is Children’s day. Met with my cousin-to-be who has just arrived from France. Beatrice was all smiles. Went calling in afternoon & sat planning what sort of a chance we can make for summer. Wish to do something daring but one can not face the dangers where we should like to go by ourselves. But we’ll wait & see. By July 1st. Had visitors.

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