Thurs., 7/10 At this date, I weigh 120 pounds. Spent the day at Asbury Park. It showered so much after getting there that we were forced to seek shelter. But nevertheless I enjoyed watching the big breakers which gives me an inspiration and I love, oh how much, the great ocean. Others may enjoy the sport of dancing but I love the works of the maker’s hands. There is something wonderful always to be found. Olive was good company and we acted like children for we have yet to make up our childhood which we have missed.

Fri., 7/11 Spent morning patching and cleaning. Went with our crowd to woods for berries. Enjoyed it wonderfully for the flowers were blooming, everything was happy and gay. Home in time for supper. Finished evening at home. Nice and cool. No mail in a long time. I wonder where all my amis* are. Great airship started back to England yesterday. Today they reached Asaro. (*French for “friends”).

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