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John Seymour III burial

In Memory of John Seymour III - Born at Hartford 1694. Died here 1758. Settled here about 1750 on land owned by his Father John Seymour II 1666-1748 who was a grandson of Richard Seymour 1604-1655 the Colonist. His son William Seymour born at West Hartford 1728 died here 1782. His son Noah Seymour born here 1759 died at Sodus, Wayne County, New York 1832. A Soldier of the War of the American Revolution. A staunch Federalist. His son Lot Norton Seymour born here 1788 died here 1844 buried at Nepaug. A Farmer and Millwright he committed “Paradise Lost” to Memory. A Jeffersonian Democrat. His son Henry Albert Seymour born here 1818 died in Bristol 1897, the ideal citizen. His son George Dudley Seymour moved by filial piety erected this stone A.D. 1935. - Deut. XXXII. 7, Job VIII. 8.

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