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Capt. Myles Standish

Capt. Myles Standish was born between 1584 and 1593 in Lancashire, England, possibly in Standish, Wigan, Lancashire, or in Ellanbane. His birthplace is unknown and the names of his parents seems to be lost. He was between 27 and 36 years old when he sailed on the Mayflower.

Myles Standish was the head of his group, 'the Standish group'. He was hired as a soldier to guard the colony. He was recruited by Thomas Weston of London Merchant Adventurers. He was a Non-Separatist and a signer of the Mayflower Compact.

The Leiden Congregation

Group's entry in Bradford's Journal

Myles Standish

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The Voyage

The Mayflower Compact

Myles married 1st to Rose Handley, who died within the first year of arrival and he married 2nd to Barbara, with whom he had children.

Children by his second wife:

  1. Alexander Standish (1626-1702), married Sarah Alden, son of John Alden, and had eight children.
  2. Myles Standish (1629-1661), married Sarah Winslow in Boston in 1660 and died at sea about eight months later with no record of children.
  3. Josiah Standish (1633-1690), married Mary Dingley in Marshfield, 1654 and she died after about six months, in 1655. He remarried Sarah Allen and had eight children with her.
  4. Charles Standish (born 1624, died bet. 1627-1635).
  5. Lora Standish (1631-1655/6), unmarried.
  6. John Standish (born abt. 1627).
  7. Charles (born 1635), was still living in 1655/6.

He died on October 3, 1656 in Duxbury.

The First Winter