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Welcome to my site! Following are answers to some of the questions you may have. Find out what it's all about here!

What can I do on

To learn about my family, click "My Family" and choose the branch you are interested in. My tree is divided by eight branches - the four quarters of my mother's ancestry and the four quarters of my father's ancestry, with many branches spanning from there via the spouses and their ancestors. Start by choosing a branch! Alternatively, you can view my "Index of Ancestors" to view all of my known ancestors. From there, you have the option to search for a name to find it quickly. Then click the person's link and view their profile and all the items associated with him or her, such as photos, newspaper clippings, records, and more. 


If you are researching your own family tree, check out my Free Genealogy Resources, also known as the "Genealogy Dashboard". There you can find hundreds of free resources to help find whatever you're looking for. Save the link, favorite it, bookmark it, share it!  

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How can I search this site?

In order to thoroughly search this site for all the valuable genealogical information I share on the hundreds of pages hiding behind the scenes, two separate searches are required. (Keep in mind that if you are searching for a resource, you will need to access the resource and browse or search within it. All the contents of the resources I share are not indexed to be included in my site's search). 


First, I'd recommend trying the Search page. From there you can quickly search several of my collections including my Index of Ancestors, Family Album, Coats of Arms, Genealogy Resources, and Miscellaneous Snippets.


Next, search my Blogs. This search will search both the title and content of every blog I've posted. There are several hundred! 

What resources are available at

My "Free Genealogy Resources" page is a collection of links and resources I've used and saved or bookmarked over the years, while researching my family tree. You can select a Category (for example: Marriage Records, Church Records, Military Records, etc.) and then you can narrow the results by location (Country or State).

What States and Countries do the resources cover?

My initial goal was not to collect resources, but to research my family. Most of my ancestors have been in America (in the Northeast) since Colonial times, mostly in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Some were in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and throughout New England. My great-grandfather's line, the Daniels and related families, were a little more adventurous and walked westward on the Oregon Trail, expanding my search to parts of the midwest and west. Some came from France, Europe, England and Holland, leading me on a search for resources there. In summary, you will mostly find places associated with my ancestors and others as I continue to add them. Take a look! (To find out what resources have been recently added, check out Latest Updates).

Is this site free?

Access to is free to all! The resources provided are nearly all items you can access free of charge, too. Many are historical books you can read online for free. Others are websites which hold various collections and records from the past. Browse around! Bookmark the Genealogy Dashboard so next time you need a piece of information, you can give it a try!

Why are there advertisements?

See the previous question! While the site is free to you, it is not free to operate. Advertisements help contribute to the cost of keeping the site up and running. If you'd like to support my work and this site, share my pages with your friends and family! Donations are also accepted to help ensure the future of the site. Use the Donate button if you're interested in donating! Payments are processed securely through PayPal. All support is greatly appreciated!

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How do I sign up and log in?

Sign up is free and easy! You can sign up using Facebook, Google, or your email and a password. Keep in mind that if you use Google or Facebook to connect, your Google or Facebook user name will appear on your comments and posts. You can edit the name from your Account menu at any time. (See examples below).

Click Sign Up to get started! If you're already signed up, click "Already a Member? Log in". Enter your email and password and you're on your way. Then you can access your Account using the menu in the top right corner.

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Why should I sign up?

Signing up allows you to comment and join discussions in the Forums. You can post public inquiries for me and other visitors to see and you will receive alerts in the top right corner of the page when responses are given, making communication much easier and more organized. You can also set your email notification preferences, share a profile image (optional), share your family photos and documents, videos, or whatever family-friendly material you'd like to share. You will also have access to "Task Tracker". Sign up now! It's free! Then "Follow" me so my posts and replies show up in your notifications.

What is Task Tracker?

"Task Tracker" is a simple tool I've been needing for years. It is found in your Account menu and allows Members to keep a list of tasks and things to do, within your Member Workspace. This helps keep me on track and hopefully it will do the same for you, especially if getting sidetracked is something you struggle with (like me). Often, while researching, I discover new things that lead me off task and soon I have twenty open tabs on my browser and I'm working on five different tasks at once. With Task Tracker, when I get an idea, I can easily create a new task to remind myself to do it later. I can save a link with a note telling myself what to do with it and then I can resume my original task. Then when I get pulled away and lose my train of thought, my ideas and plans are still organized and I can pick up where I left off. Important notes and ideas are not forgotten and when I am ready I can view Task Tracker to review my list of tasks and be more productive! Checking off tasks and archiving them is the best part. #prioritize! Neeeeext!!

Is Task Tracker private?

Yes, tasks are private and only appear to the person signed into your account. As with all things on the Internet, there is a threat of being hacked, however. Protecting your password is expedient and recommended. If you are on a shared device or computer, be sure to log out before leaving. Please use your own discretion at your own risk. Please do not use Task Tracker to store important passwords or sensitive information. 

Why aren't my tasks or posts showing up when I sign in?

This hasn't happened yet, but in anticipation of it happening, I'd say make sure you signed in the same way you signed in when you created tasks or commented on something. Did you click "Sign up with Facebook" or "Sign up with Google", or did you enter your email and a password? You must sign in using the same method. Otherwise you will be signing in as a different user and your tasks will only appear to the account you are signed in to when you create them.

What if I forgot my password?

If you signed in with Facebook or Google and are having trouble logging in, try opening another browser tab and signing in to Facebook or Google, whichever you are attempting to use to sign in. Then return to the Sign Up window and refresh the page and try to log in again.


If you signed up using your email and a password and have forgotten your password, you must go through the password recovery process. Our Member Area is highly secured and I do not have access to your password. Go to the Sign Up page and click "Log in" and then click "Log in with Email". Click "Forgot Password". Then, simply enter your email address and click "Reset Password". An email will be sent, instructing you how to reset your password.

How can I change my notification preferences?

in the login menu bar, click Settings. From there you can subscribe or unsubscribe from email notifications for a variety of alerts. You can choose whether or not to be notified when people like or comment your posts or when people follow you for updates.

What if my question or problem isn't listed here?

If you have a technical question and are able to log in, post a message in the Site Issues forum or General Questions forum. This is your best bet for a quick response. Otherwise, please use the Contact form to email me privately.

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