1820 Census Helper

Click here to search or browse the 1820 U.S. Census Free!

This tool will help you easily transcribe the 1820 census and view the details presented in both paragraph form and list form. This form will even calculate when the members of the household were born, based on the information you enter into the spaces below. 


Sorry! The Census Helper is not available in mobile view. Please use a computer to utilize this tool!

Next, go to the next census page. ​Enter the quantities from the Slaves and Free Colored Persons, sections. The layout of the census page may vary. Enter all the details you can!

After you have finished entering all the numbers, click "Summarize it". Your summary and list will appear below. You can then copy and paste the results into your own research notes. Click "Clear" to erase all your entries. Note: No information is saved, stored or recorded.

Start by entering the numbers from the census, from left to right, as they appear in the entry for the household you are researching.



  • Use the tab button to move to the next column.

  • It is not necessary to enter zeros (0).

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