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Leonard Road


Charles Russell Leonard lived in Cayuga County, New York in the early 1800's. He had at least two children and is said to have died in 1836 in Genoa. Learn about this Leonard family with maps, news clippings, census records, photos and more. Plus a detailed look at the Leonard's living nearby, which hopefully contains clues and references to help link our Charles Russell Leonard to one of the early New England Leonard families. People researching Leonard relatives in Central New York should find this resource very useful.



by S. P. Leonard

Black & White on White paper

Softcover, Glossy, 222 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1481286183
ISBN-10: 1481286188

A great research aide and time-saver with information including but not limited to:

  • Charles Russell Leonard and almost every clue and paper trail found about him.

  • Information about dozens of other men named Charles Leonard and Russell Leonard in New York and the northeast in the 19th century. (With hopes that it will assist others interested in researching the line to help reveal his identity and parentage).

  • Photographs, census records, newspaper clippings, written histories, and information about related lines (spouses of the Leonard's).

  • Emphasis on the line of Charles (1830-1908), his son Lewis (1869-1897), his son Albert (1894-1957), and his son Robert (1924-1982), my grandfather.

  • A review and summary of other Leonard's, presumed unrelated, who were living in central New York in the late 1700's and early 1800's, their ancestry (when known), with emphasis on those living in the same towns as our Leonard's.

  • A review and summary of known Leonard burials in Cayuga County.

  • A reference guide to the formation of Cayuga County and other counties in Central New York, their early names, dates of divisions made to large towns.

  • An index with places, illustrations, cemeteries, and "Other Charles Leonard's", indexed by place for your convenience.

  • Timeline and maps showing Leonard's arriving in central New York just after the Revolutionary War when the military tract was divided and distributed.

  • Miscellaneous biographies of over 50 Leonard men who were prominent and commonly found in historical records.


Table of Contents​

Overview of Robert Jasper Leonard and Ethel Daniels’ known ancestors
Descendants of Russel Leonard (Simplified)
Descendants of Russel Leonard (Detailed)
Generation 1-5
Finding Russel Leonard​ 1810 - 1860 Clues
​Sophronia Burrill
Percy Henry Daniels​
The Dykeman Family
​The Hollenbeck Family​
  Cemeteries in Cayuga County and the Leonard’s Buried in Them​
  Leonards Buried in Some of Tompkins County’s Cemeteries​
  Maps of Genoa & Locke Cemeteries​
  Early Cayuga County Newspapers​
  The Formation of Cayuga County and Naming of Towns
Other Leonard’s Possibly Related
  Leonard’s on the New York Agricultural Census 1850-1880​
  Charles Leonard’s in Civil War Draft Registrations​
  Men Named Charles Leonard who fought/enlisted in the Civil War
The Leonard’s of Old
The Basics About DNA for Genealogical Purposes
Additional Reading
Miscellaneous Biographies

And more! Years of time, effort, frustration, and money SAVED!



Adams, Anna

Adams, Sarah

Aird, Jesse

Amidon, Paula

Annis, Fred

Annis, Maurice

Anthony, Content

Armitage, Annis

Austin, Betsy

Austin, Maria

Austin, Mary E.

Austin, Mortimer

Austin, Roxan

Austin, Susan

Ayres, Mary


Babcock, Sarah

Baker, Thomas

Baldwin, Daniel

Baldwin, Marcie

Ballou, Eliza

Barden, Harriet

Barker, Timothy

Bartlett, Hannah

Becker, Charles

Becker, Essle

Bellows, J.

Bentley, Martha

Blackman, Elizabeth

Bogardus, Betsy

Bond, Mary

Booth, Edna

Booth, Winthrop

Bostwick, Ezra

Bostwick, L. A.

Bostwick, Mrs. Mary

Bosyns, Maria

Bowker, Minnie

Boyer, Fred

Boyer, William

Branch, Earl M.

Branch, Ellen

Brink, Mary,

Brink, Warden

Brinsmade, Daniel

Brinsmade, Hiram

Brong, Mary

Bross, Edna

Bross, Gordon

Bross, Jennie,

Bross, Myrtle

Bross, William

Brown, Clay

Brown, Elizabeth

Brown, Eugene Edwin

Brown, Mary Polly

Brown, Zaida

Brownell, Hattie

Burdick, Florence

Burlew, Abraham

Burlingame, Blanche

Burlingame, David

Burlingame, Douglas

Burlingame, James

Burlingame, Joel

Burlingame, Karla

Burlingame, Lee

Burlingame, Linda

Burlingame, Nancy

Burns, Bridget

Burrill, Arba

Burrill, Sophronia


Burrows, Anna

Bush, Anna

Bush, Rachel

Butterfield, Jane


Calhoun, Elizabeth

Calhoun, John C.

Calhoun, Wesley

Campbell, Ella Minerva

Campbell, William

Campfield, Susannah

Canavan, Andrew

Canavan, Clayton

Canavan, Earl

Canavan, Edgar

Canavan, Edgar K.

Canavan, Florence

Canavan, George

Canavan, Harry

Canavan, I.J.

Canavan, Mary

Canavan, William

Carson, Otis & Polly

Cary, Ann

Cass, Roxy

Chalmers, George

Chilson, Agnes

Clark, Alice

Clark, Mary B.

Clark, Rachel

Cleaessen, Dirk

Clough, Lina

Coggshall, VanBuren

Collier, William

Collier, Willis

Comby, Cora

Compton, -

Conley, Stephen

Conrad, Amelia

Conrad, Hannah

Conrad, John

Conrad, Phebe

Conway, Mary

Cooley, Rachel

Coots, George

Crance, Ellen Mae

Crandall, Anne E.

Cranning, Anthela

Crocker, -

Cross, Samuel,

Cutler, Amittai


Daniels, Edith

Daniels, Ethel M.

Daniels, Mary C.

Daniels, Percy H.

Daniels, William

Darrow, Penninah

Davenport, Esther A.

Davis, Alice

Davis, Daniel & Margaret

Davis, John M.

Davis, Susan L.

Day, Lucy Ely

Day, Miriam

DeGrebber, Maria

Deming, Alice

DeVaux, Frederick

DeVaux, Rachel

Dickinson, Margaret A.

Dimmick, Stella

Dircks, Jannetje

DNA Analysis

Donaldson, Catherine

Douglas, Harvey

Douglas, Mary Louisa

Dow, Amy

Doyle, Abigail

Dryden, Lucy C.

Dryden, Sarah

Dryer, -

Dyckman, Cornelius

Dyckman, Frederick

Dyckman, Johannes

Dyckman, Joris

Dyckman, Thaddeus

Dykeman genealogy

Dykeman, Arthur

Dykeman, Arthur E.

Dykeman, Eli

Dykeman, Laura

Dykeman, Mahala

Dykeman, Michael

Dykeman, Orin

Dykeman, Rhoda

Dykeman, Roxy

Dykeman, Vena


Earsley, Mary

Eaton, Mary

Edwards, Edna D.

Edwards, Henry

Elderton, Edgar

Elliott, Abigail

Engel, Anna

English, Sherman

Erving, John L.

Estes, Rosina


Fairchild, Zilpha P.

Farmer, Augusta

Farrell, Thomas C.

Fellows, Geneene

Field, Margaret,

Field, Simeon

Fiennes, Lady Margaret

Filkine, B.

Fisk, Henry D.

Fitzpatrick, Richard

Fitzpatrick, Sarah

Forbes, Lydia

Francisco, Azariah

Franciso, Rose

Frederick, Leah

Freeman, A. L.

Fulmer, Clarissa


Gale, Elizabeth

Gale, John

Gale, Zenas

Gardner, Nan M.

Gibbs, Daniel

Gilbert, Sarah Jane

Gillespie, Sarah

Gorton, Cyrus

Gorton, Mary Jane

Gould, Mary Ann

Gourley, Mary

Grant, George

Gray, Edwin

Gray, Florence M.

Green, Ann

Green, John

Green, John & Mahitable

Green, John S.

Griffin, Eunice,

Griswold, Sylvanus

Grover, Bernice

Gurnsey family


Hall, Abigail,

Hall, Olive

Hamlin, Catherine

Hamlin, Dorr

Hamlin, Helena

Hammond, German & Louisa

Hankins, Susie

Harder, Albert

Harder, Emma

Harrison, Maude

Hart, Orsemus

Hastings, Charles

Hellett, Mary,

Hellett, Peter,

Herring, M. Josephine

Herron, James & Amy

Hicks, Anna V.

Hicks, John

Higgins, -

Hilliard, Elizabeth

Holcomb, Hazel

Holcomb, Lester

Hollenbeck Genealogy

Hollenbeck, Adalaide,

Hollenbeck, Anne Phebe

Hollenbeck, Betsy

Hollenbeck, Carl E.

Hollenbeck, Cassius

Hollenbeck, Catherine

Hollenbeck, Charles

Hollenbeck, Daryl Nicholas

Hollenbeck, Eleanor

Hollenbeck, Eva

Hollenbeck, Grace Louise

Hollenbeck, Henry

Hollenbeck, Jacob,

Hollenbeck, Jasper

Hollenbeck, John,

Hollenbeck, Lana

Hollenbeck, Leah

Hollenbeck, Leon C.

Hollenbeck, Mary

Hollenbeck, Nancy

Hollenbeck, Nelly

Hollenbeck, Nicholas

Hollenbeck, Nicholas Jr.

Hollenbeck, Robert C.

Hollenbeck, Rose E.

Hollenbeck, Rose Ellen

Hollenbeck, Seymour

Hollenbeck, William

Hoover, Garret D.

Horton, Harvey

Hough, Walter & Mary

Hovey, Mahalia

Howe, Laura

Howlett, Ellen

Howlett, Ezra P.

Howlett, Leonard

Hughson, Alfred

Hughson, Elmer

Hughson, Nellie

Huntington, Julia H.

Huntley, Johanna


Jackobs, John

Jackson, Artimas

Jackson, Catherine H.

Jackson, Samuel

Jacobs, Hannah

Jacobs, Olive J.

Jacobs, Polly

Jeffers, Sarah B.

Johnson, Sarah

Jones, Harriet

Jones, Luman

Jones, Mina

Jones, Nettie


Kellog, K. Collins

Kellog, Susan

Kemple, William

Kern, Kate

King, Clarissa

King, Hattie

King, Henry H.

King, Jonathan Parker

King, Lydia

Kinney, William

Knapp, Anna

Knapp, Arnold

Knapp, Dewey

Knapp, Ella

Knapp, Elvenia,

Knapp, Florella

Knapp, Georgiana

Knapp, Joseph

Knapp, Josephine

Knapp, Lydia A.

Knapp, Malvina,

Knapp, Maria

Knapp, Mariah

Knapp, Mary

Knapp, Murray,

Knapp, Nellie S.

Knapp, Quarles Dewey

Knapp, Sophia,

Knapp, Sophronia

Knapp, Thomas

Knapp, Thomas Joseph

Knapp, William


Lanning, Anthela

Lennard, John

Lennard, Sampson

Leonard, A. S.

Leonard, Abby

Leonard, Abby J.

Leonard, Abel

Leonard, Abiel

Leonard, Abigail

Leonard, Abigail M.

Leonard, Abner

Leonard, Abraham

Leonard, Abram,

Leonard, Abram Jr.

Leonard, Adalaide

Leonard, Addison

Leonard, Adelaide

Leonard, Alala

Leonard, Alanson C.

Leonard, Albert

Leonard, Albert E.

Leonard, Albert G.

Leonard, Albert Jay

Leonard, Alden

Leonard, Alfred

Leonard, Alice,

Leonard, Alice Mildred

Leonard, Alvin

Leonard, Alvira

Leonard, Amanda

Leonard, Amanda H.

Leonard, Amanda W.

Leonard, Amasa

Leonard, Ambrose

Leonard, Amelia

Leonard, Amity

Leonard, Amos

Leonard, Anastasia

Leonard, Andrew

Leonard, Ann

Leonard, Anna

Leonard, Anne

Leonard, Anne E.

Leonard, Annie,

Leonard, Artemus

Leonard, Arthur

Leonard, Arthur C.

Leonard, Asa

Leonard, Asa P.

Leonard, Asaph

Leonard, Asaph D.

Leonard, Asenath

Leonard, Augusta

Leonard, Augustine

Leonard, Augustus

Leonard, Augustus A.

Leonard, Augustus P.

Leonard, Azraiah

Leonard, B.

Leonard, Barbara

Leonard, Barney

Leonard, Barney G.

Leonard, Barth

Leonard, Bartlett

Leonard, Bathsheba

Leonard, Benjamin

Leonard, Benjamin C.

Leonard, Benjamin F.

Leonard, Benoni

Leonard, Bertha

Leonard, Bertha A.

Leonard, Bessie B.

Leonard, Bessie E.

Leonard, Betsey

Leonard, Betsy

Leonard, Betty

Leonard, Bowers H.

Leonard, Bradford,

Leonard, Bridget

Leonard, Brigit

Leonard, Buren C.

Leonard, Caleb R.

Leonard, Calvin

Leonard, Candice

Leonard, Carl N.

Leonard, Caroline

Leonard, Catherine

Leonard, Cemantha

Leonard, Charles

Leonard, Charles A.

Leonard, Charles Augustus

Leonard, Charles B.

Leonard, Charles Col.

Leonard, Charles D.

Leonard, Charles E.

Leonard, Charles Edwin

Leonard, Charles Egbert

Leonard, Charles Ezekiel

Leonard, Charles F.

Leonard, Charles H.

Leonard, Charles J.,

Leonard, Charles L.

Leonard, Charles M.

Leonard, Charles P.

Leonard, Charles Richmond

Leonard, Charles Russell

Leonard, Charles S.

Leonard, Charles Summers

Leonard, Charles W.

Leonard, Charlotte

Leonard, Chauncey

Leonard, Chester

Leonard, Chris

Leonard, Christopher

Leonard, Clara

Leonard, Clarence

Leonard, Clarence M.

Leonard, Clarissa

Leonard, Clarisy

Leonard, Clary

Leonard, Claude

Leonard, Content

Leonard, Cora

Leonard, Cora T.

Leonard, Corlyn

Leonard, Cornelia

Leonard, Cornelius

Leonard, Cutler

Leonard, Cynthia

Leonard, Cyrus

Leonard, D.

Leonard, Daisy

Leonard, Daniel

Leonard, Darwin

Leonard, David

Leonard, David H.

Leonard, David M.

Leonard, Deborah

Leonard, Della

Leonard, Derintha

Leonard, Dock

Leonard, Dolly

Leonard, Dorcas

Leonard, Doris N.

Leonard, Dorothy B.

Leonard, Dorothy Jane

Leonard, Douglas

Leonard, E.

Leonard, Ebenezer

Leonard, Edgar

Leonard, Edmund L.

Leonard, Edson

Leonard, Edward,

Leonard, Edward D.

Leonard, Edward E.

Leonard, Edward W.

Leonard, Edwin

Leonard, Effie

Leonard, Elbridge G.

Leonard, Elias

Leonard, Elijah

Leonard, Elisha

Leonard, Eliza

Leonard, Elizabeth

Leonard, Elizabeth C.

Leonard, Elkanah

Leonard, Ella,

Leonard, Ella J.

Leonard, Ellen

Leonard, Ellen D.

Leonard, Ellen S.

Leonard, Elma

Leonard, Elvenia

Leonard, Elvira

Leonard, Elwin D.

Leonard, Emeline

Leonard, Emily

Leonard, Emily C.

Leonard, Emily G.

Leonard, Emma

Leonard, Enoch

Leonard, Ernest

Leonard, Esther

Leonard, Ethel

Leonard, Ethel M.

Leonard, Ethel May

Leonard, Etta

Leonard, Eugene

Leonard, Eunice

Leonard, Eveline

Leonard, Evelyn

Leonard, Ezekiel

Leonard, Ezra

Leonard, Ezra B.

Leonard, Ezra G.

Leonard, Fanny

Leonard, Fayette

Leonard, Flora

Leonard, Florence

Leonard, Floyd H.

Leonard, Frances

Leonard, Frances Jennie

Leonard, Francis

Leonard, Francis W.

Leonard, Frank

Leonard, Franklin

Leonard, Fred

Leonard, Frederick

Leonard, Frederick A.

Leonard, Frederick C.

Leonard, G. W.

Leonard, Geo

Leonard, George,

Leonard, George E.

Leonard, George H.

Leonard, George W.

Leonard, George W., Jr.

Leonard, Gerald

Leonard, Gerry

Leonard, Gertrude

Leonard, Gordius

Leonard, Grace

Leonard, Gurdon

Leonard, Hanford

Leonard, Hannah

Leonard, Hannah J.

Leonard, Hannah M.

Leonard, Hardin

Leonard, Harlon

Leonard, Harold

Leonard, Harold A.

Leonard, Harriet

Leonard, Harriet E.

Leonard, Harriet J.

Leonard, Harriet M.

Leonard, Harriett

Leonard, Harry

Leonard, Harsey

Leonard, Hartnell

Leonard, Harvey

Leonard, Harvey A.

Leonard, Hattie

Leonard, Helen

Leonard, Helen L.

Leonard, Helen Louise

Leonard, Helen M.

Leonard, Henry

Leonard, Henry B.

Leonard, Henry E.

Leonard, Henry M.

Leonard, Hiram

Leonard, Howard

Leonard, Hyla

Leonard, Ichabod

Leonard, Ida

Leonard, Ida May

Leonard, Irving

Leonard, Isaac

Leonard, Ivy

Leonard, J.

Leonard, J. M.

Leonard, Jacob

Leonard, James

Leonard, James H.

Leonard, James H. Jr.

Leonard, James J.

Leonard, James M.

Leonard, James N.

Leonard, James O.

Leonard, James S.

Leonard, Jane

Leonard, Jared

Leonard, Jarvis

Leonard, Jeannette

Leonard, Jenette

Leonard, Jesse

Leonard, Jessie

Leonard, Job

Leonard, Job A.

Leonard, John

Leonard, John A.

Leonard, John D.

Leonard, John E.

Leonard, John H.

Leonard, John Henry

Leonard, John Jacob

Leonard, John M.

Leonard, John S.

Leonard, Jonathan,

Leonard, Jone,

Leonard, Joseph,

Leonard, Joseph (Capt.)

Leonard, Joseph Jr.

Leonard, Joseph M.

Leonard, Joseph Norman

Leonard, Joseph P.

Leonard, Joseph Russell

Leonard, Joseph W.

Leonard, Josephine

Leonard, Joshua

Leonard, Joshua Jr.

Leonard, Joshua Rev.

Leonard, Josiah

Leonard, Joyce

Leonard, Julia

Leonard, Justin

Leonard, Katie

Leonard, Kenneth E.

Leonard, King S.

Leonard, Lafayette

Leonard, Laura

Leonard, Laura Etta

Leonard, Lemuel M.

Leonard, Leona,

Leonard, Leontine

Leonard, Letitia

Leonard, Levi

Leonard, Lewis

Leonard, Lewis C.

Leonard, Lewis F.

Leonard, Lillie

Leonard, Lillie P.

Leonard, Lloyd

Leonard, Lodesca

Leonard, Loren

Leonard, Lorson

Leonard, Louis

Leonard, Louis G.

Leonard, Louis W.

Leonard, Louisa

Leonard, Louise,

Leonard, Louise Jane

Leonard, Lowell S.

Leonard, Lucille

Leonard, Lucinda

Leonard, Lucinda A.

Leonard, Lucinda O.

Leonard, Lucy

Leonard, Luella

Leonard, Lulu M.

Leonard, Lura

Leonard, Luther

Leonard, Lydia

Leonard, Lyman

Leonard, Lynford

Leonard, Mabel

Leonard, Mahala

Leonard, Mahlon

Leonard, Malinda

Leonard, Manassah

Leonard, Margaret

Leonard, Maria

Leonard, Marilla

Leonard, Marion

Leonard, Martha

Leonard, Martha E.

Leonard, Martha M.

Leonard, Martin

Leonard, Mary

Leonard, Mary A.

Leonard, Mary Ann

Leonard, Mary Clare

Leonard, Mary E.

Leonard, Mary Jane

Leonard, Mary L.

Leonard, Mary P.

Leonard, Maude

Leonard, Maude M.

Leonard, May

Leonard, Melancthon

Leonard, Melody

Leonard, Mercy

Leonard, Merrell

Leonard, Meshack

Leonard, Michael

Leonard, Mildred M.

Leonard, Minnie

Leonard, Miriam

Leonard, Moses

Leonard, Mrs. Elvira

Leonard, Mrs. Hannah

Leonard, Mrs. Lodesca

Leonard, Mrs. Statira

Leonard, Nancy

Leonard, Nathan

Leonard, Nathan Jr.

Leonard, Nathaniel

Leonard, Nehemiah

Leonard, Nellie,

Leonard, Nellie B.

Leonard, Noah

Leonard, Norman

Leonard, Numa

Leonard, Ohio

Leonard, Olive

Leonard, Oliver

Leonard, Oliver E.

Leonard, Orin

Leonard, Orson

Leonard, Paschal

Leonard, Patrick

Leonard, Paul

Leonard, Paul B.

Leonard, Pearl

Leonard, Pearl E.

Leonard, Peggy

Leonard, Peter,

Leonard, Peter D.

Leonard, Peter R.

Leonard, Philander

Leonard, Philip

Leonard, Phinehas

Leonard, Polly

Leonard, Purl Russell

Leonard, Rachel

Leonard, Randy

Leonard, Raymond

Leonard, Reuben

Leonard, Rhoda

Leonard, Rice

Leonard, Richard

Leonard, Richard A.

Leonard, Robert

Leonard, Robert Jasper

Leonard, Robert P.

Leonard, Robert T.

Leonard, Rodney

Leonard, Roger Lawrence

Leonard, Rosa

Leonard, Rose L.

Leonard, Roteny

Leonard, Rufus

Leonard, Russel of Morris, Otsego, NY

Leonard, Russel of Poland, Chautaqua, NY

Leonard, Russel of Upperville, Chenango, NY

Leonard, Russell J. of New Haven, CT

Leonard, Russell J. of St. Clair, MI

Leonard, Russell J. of Taunton, MA

Leonard, Russell of Chesterfield, MA

Leonard, Russell of St. Clair, MI

Leonard, Ruth

Leonard, S. H.

Leonard, Sally

Leonard, Samuel

Leonard, Samuel H.

Leonard, Samuel W.

Leonard, Sandra L.

Leonard, Sarah

Leonard, Sarah B

Leonard, Sarah G.

Leonard, Sarah J.

Leonard, Satterlee

Leonard, Serocia

Leonard, Seth

Leonard, Seth B.

Leonard, Silas

Leonard, Simeon

Leonard, Solomon

Leonard, Stacy

Leonard, Stanley

Leonard, Statira

Leonard, Stephen

Leonard, Stephen B.

Leonard, Stephen C.

Leonard, Susan

Leonard, Susan L.

Leonard, Susannah

Leonard, Susie

Leonard, Sybil

Leonard, Thaddeus

Leonard, Theodore L.

Leonard, Theodosia

Leonard, Thomas

Leonard, Timothy

Leonard, Truman

Leonard, Unus Ella

Leonard, Urbane

Leonard, Uriah

Leonard, Uxbane

Leonard, Vera

Leonard, Violet

Leonard, Virginia

Leonard, Wallace

Leonard, Walter

Leonard, Warren

Leonard, Wilbur

Leonard, Willard

Leonard, William

Leonard, William B.

Leonard, William E.

Leonard, William Francis

Leonard, William H.

Leonard, William J.

Leonard, William P

Leonard, William Robert

Leonard, Willie

Leonard, Willie W.

Leonard, Willis

Leonard, Wirt S.

Livermore, Burr

Loag, Rose

Ludlow, Sophronia

Lumbert, Betsy

Lumbert, Charles

Lumbert, George

Lumbert, James

Lumbert, William


Macone, Melvin

Martin, Mary

Martin, Sarah

Mason, Mary J.

Mathews, Cora

Mathews, Sylvester J.

Mathieu, Valentine

McCarthy, John

McGinnis, John

McGinnis, Mary E.

McGinnis, William

McGlaghlin, William

McGrinley, Mahitable

McIntosh, Duncan

McKinney, Thomas

McMillen, Marsha

Menkin, David

Mereton, Anna

Merrell, Anna Manning

Metzgar, Peter

Metzgar, Thompson

Miller, John

Milliman, Minnie

Mills, David H.

Mills, Marsh

Minturn, -

Minturn, Gerald

Morton, Anna

Mosher, Arvid

Mulcahy, Mary

Mumbruhe, Eveline

Munger, William

Murdock, Waitstill

Murphy, Gilbert


Norton, Fred


Odell, John

Ogden, Aaron

Oldrish, L.

Olds, Harriet

Oliver, Amy

Olnay, Marietta

Osborne, Lee

Osborne, Lewis

Other Charles Leonard's


Palmer, Daniel & Louisa

Palmer, Nancy,

Palmer, Tryphena

Parish, Mary

Parker, Susan

Pease, Charles H.

Pease, Charles Kermit

Pease, Edwin

Pease, Emma

Pease, Florence

Pease, Gilbert,

Pease, Helen

Pease, Irene

Pease, John

Pease, Louella

Pease, Nellie M.

Pelton, Charles E.

Pendall, Arthur

Pendall, Clede

Pendall, Frederick

Pendall, Ida

Pendall, Leon

Pendall, Mildred

Pendall, Miles F.

Pendall, Millard

Pendall, Willard B.

Pendell, Clare

Pendell, David L.

Pendell, Flora

Pendell, Frederick

Pendell, George

Pendell, George M.

Pendell, Ida M.

Pendell, Lucius

Pendell, Luella

Pendell, Margaret

Pendell, Otis

Pendell, Pauline

Pendell, Pearl

Pendell, Raymond

Pendell, Ruth

Pendell, Viola

Pendell, Wesley

Pendell, William H.

Pendell, Winfield

Perkins, Ezra

Perkins, George

Phelan, Anna

Pickard, Delos E.

Powers, Peter

Presby, Susannah

Prescott, Myranda

Preston, Ellen

Prothero, Mary


Randall, Mary

Raymond, Arthur

Raymond, Dorothy

Raymond, Floyd

Raymond, Frank G.

Raymond, Fred

Raymond, George H.

Raymond, Herbert

Raymond, June

Raymond, Katherine

Raymond, Laurie

Raymond, Paul

Raymond, Robert

Raymond, Sara

Raymond, Victor

Raymond, Vinia

Read, George

Reagan, Bessie

Reagan, Hugh,

Reagan, Michael

Reese, Cheryl E.

Reese, Lloyd N.

Reynolds, Ada

Reynolds, Franklin E.

Reynolds, John L.

Reynolds, Louisa

Reynolds, Margaret

Reynolds, Nelson

Reynolds, Schuyler

Reynolds, Susan Alma

Reynolds, Virginia,

Reynolds, Winfield Scott

Rice, Caleb & Sarah

Rich, Anna

Rich, Hannah

Rich, Lewis

Rich, Mabel

Richard the Lionheart

Robinson, Emaline Louella

Roelof, Wyntie

Rogers, Anson

Rood, Catherine

Rood, Hannah M.

Rood, Oliver & Lavina

Root, Tryphena

Rose, Anna,

Royse, Campbell

Royse, Mary

Russell, Lillian


Savage, Mary

Sawyer, Arthur

Schriver, Luella

Schutt, Ernest

Scutt, Mellow

Searles, Sarah M.

Sears, Laura

Seeber, Unknown

Seeley, Noami

Sexton, Elizabeth

Shaver, Peter

Sherman, Adelaide

Sherman, Adelbert

Sherman, Allen

Sherman, Anna

Sherman, Christina

Sherman, Cora E.

Sherman, Florence

Sherman, Hattie

Sherman, James

Sherman, Virginia

Sherman, William

Shevalier, Lucy Ann

Shevalier, Peter

Simmons, Almira

Simmons, Amelia

Simmons, John

Sincerbeaux, Alveretta

Sincerbeaux, Chester

Sinclair, Anabel

Sisson, Harriet

Sisson, William

Slate, Thomas

Sliter, J. B.

Sloan, Louisa

Sloughter, Richard

Sloughter, Robert

Smalley, Artie

Smith, Catherine

Smith, Jennie

Smith, Jenny

Smith, John

Smith, Joseph

Smith, Nicholas

Snahal, Alan

Snahal, Katherine

Spear, Julia

Spinning, William A.

Stafford, Caroline

Stafford, Ellis C.

Stafford, Evelyn

Stafford, George

Stafford, Lillian J.

Stafford, Winifred

Stedman, Arthur

Steele, Alice

Steele, Foster

Steele, Kathleen

Steele, Marvin

Steele, Roy

Steele, Susan

Steele, Timothy

Stevens, -

Stiles, Keturah

Stilson, Effie

Stratton, Sophronia

Sturges, Ann

Sturges, Thaddeus

Swansbrough, Harry

Swansbrough, J. B.

Swansbrough, John

Swansbrough, Ray

Sylvester, Hannah

Sylvester, Nehemiah


Taylor, John & Mary

Thomas, Bertha

Thomas, Charles

Thompson, Abner

Thompson, Albert

Thompson, Edward

Thompson, Laura

Thompson, Loren

Thompson, Oscar

Thompson, Sarah L.

Tioga County, New York

Tomion, Charles

Tomion, Saloma

Tourneur, Hester

Townsend, Alfred J.

Townsend, Alice Jennie

Tubbs, Phebe

Tucker, James

Turk, Blanche

Turk, James


Underwood, Clay

Underwood, Juva

Updike, Harriet Louise

Updike, Winfield


Van De Mark, Vida

Van Name, Cynthia Hicks

Vann, Ansel & Mary


Wagner, Donald

Walden, Carl S.

Walton, Clarence

Ward, Mary

Warden, Amanda

Warden, Julia

Warner, Harriet

Washburn, Mary

Waterman, Patience

Welch, Thomas

White, Orlin

Whitney, George

Wilkins, Burt

Wilkins, Howard

Williams, Betsy

Williams, Ezekiel

Willis, Hyla Martha

Wilson, Ada

Wilson, Benjamin

Wilson, Calvin

Wilson, Joseph

Wilson, Luella

Wilson, Sophronia

Wilson, Susan M.

Winegar, Sophronia

Wood, Allen

Wood, Amis

Wood, Martha

Wood, Sarah

Wood, Sarah E.

Wood, Smith

Woodford, Eliza


Yawger, Philip & Emily

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Albert J. Leonard & Rose Hollenbeck 1922 News
Albert J. Leonard burial permit
Albert J. Leonard draft registration
Albert J. Leonard land deed
Albert J. Leonard photo
Albert J. Leonard’s obituary
Albert J. Leonard's tombstone
Albert Jay Leonard photo
Albert Leonard Enlistment News 1918
Amos Leonard's Family
Arthur Dykeman Civil War record
Arthur Dykeman coin find
Carl Walden photo
Census 1810 Scipio, Cayuga, NY
Census 1820 Groton, Tompkins, NY
Census 1840 Scipio, Cayuga, NY
Census 1850 Genoa
Census 1850 Genoa, Cayuga, NY
Census 1850 Lansing, Tompkins, NY
Census 1850 Marathon, Cortland, NY
Census 1860 Candor, Tioga, NY
Census 1860 Montezuma, Cayuga, NY
Census 1860 Springport
Census 1860 Springport, Cayuga, NY
Census 1860 Willet, Cortland, NY
Census 1865 Genoa, Cayuga, NY
Census 1865 Groton, Tompkins, NY
Census 1865 Springport, Cayuga, NY
Census 1865 Union Springs, Cayuga, NY
Census 1870 Candor, Tioga, NY
Census 1870 Groton, Tompkins, NY
Census 1870 Willet, Cortland, NY
Census 1875 Candor, Tioga, NY
Census 1875 Springport, Cayuga, NY
Census 1880 Candor, Tioga, NY
Census 1880 Locke, Cayuga, NY
Census 1880 Mount Vernon, Washington
Census 1880 Summerhill, Cayuga, NY
Census 1880 Willet, Cortland, NY
Census 1885 Mason, Washington
Census 1892 Candor, Tioga, NY
Census 1892 Danby, Tompkins, NY
Census 1892 Kamilche, Mason, Washington
Census 1892 Locke, Cayuga, NY
Census 1892 Rose, Wayne, NY
Census 1892 Summerhill, Cayuga, NY
Census 1900 Satstop, Mason, Washington
Census 1900 Willet, Cortland, New York
Census 1900 Willet, Cortland, NY
Census 1910 Candor, Tioga, NY
Census 1910 Moravia, Cayuga, NY
Census 1910 Willet, Cortland, NY
Census 1920 Willet, Cortland, NY
Census 1930 Cortland, Cortland, NY
Census 1930 Venice, Cayuga, NY
Census 1930 Willet, Cortland, NY
Census 1940 Huron, Wayne County, NY
Charles Leonard of Interlaken's Odd Cow News
Charles Leonard, I.O.O.F.
Charles Russell Leonard & Luella photo
Charles Russell Leonard Civil War Draft Registration
Charles Russell Leonard Life Timeline
Charles Russell Leonard photo
Charles Russell Leonard Photo
Charles Russell Leonard portrait
Charles Russell Leonard tombstone
Charles Russell Leonard's children
Cheryl Reese photo
Cora (Sherman) Leonard obituary
Cortland Norman School, Cortland, NY
Cortland Rural Cemetery map
Daniels-Dykeman Marriage News 1929
Dragon Illustration, 11th Century
Edith Swansbrough photo
Embroidery by Mary Polly Brown
Erie Canal Song
Family Record
Genoa (Northville) Map
Giles Memorial p. 279-280 Springfield Leonard's
Giles Memorial p. 290 Elias Leonard
Giles Memorial p. 294 Asaph Leonard
Harry Swansbrough birth record
Hollenbeck Family Register
Hollenbeck register from family Bible
Hudson-Mohawk Genealogies p. 553-555
Hurstmonceux Castle
Irving Leonard & niece, Helen (Pease) Hamlin photo
Irving Leonard marriage news
Irving Leonard's Death in News
James H. Leonard marriage license
James Leonard home in Taunton
Jasper Hollenbeck Family Burial Plot
Jasper Hollenbeck obituary
Jasper Hollenbeck tombstone
Joshua Leonard of Chesterfield's Family
Leonard Memorial Plans, Taunton
Leonard Road sign, Willet, NY
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1800-1810 Table
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1820 List
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1820 Map
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1820 Table
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1830 List
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1830 Map
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1830 Table
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1840 List
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1840 Map
Leonard's in Cayuga County 1860 List
Lewis & Cora Leonard family photo
Lewis Leonard death record
Lewis Leonard photo
Lewis Leonard portrait
Lillian Russell photo
Lockport, New York Painting
Louella Pease photo
Lydia Leonard Raymond obituary
Lydia Leonard Raymond photograph
Mahala (Dykeman) Walden obituary
Mahala Dykeman photo
Map of Cemeteries near Osceola, PA
Map of distance from Lyons to Rose
Map of Distance from Port Byron to Lockport
Map of distance from Port Byron to Union Springs
Map of early Mentz
Map of Erie Canal route
Map of Galen showing Albert Leonard's land
Map of Groton 1870 & 2012
Map of Military Tract
Map of Washington Territory
Map of Willet from the Rural Register
Map showing location of Genoa, Cayuga County, NY
Map showing location of South Street Seaport
Margaret Fiennes painting
Mary Brown obituary
Mary Polly Brown photo
Mary Polly Brown’s home
McGinnis Family Reunions 1911 & 1916
New Paltz Normal School
Nicholas & Lucy Hollenbeck's tombstone photo
Nicholas Hollenbeck's home in Willet
Old Pompey Academy
Oregon Trail, Washington Territory
Orin Dykeman pension news
Orin Dykeman World War II recounted
Orin Dykeman's horse purchase
Percy Daniels & Vena Dykeman Marriage License
Percy Daniels' 1922 Voyage Map
Percy Daniel's home in New York City
Percy Daniels obituary & death certificate
Percy Daniels' WWI draft registration card
Percy Henry Daniels photo
Peter Shevalier's home
Rhoda Dykeman Obituary
Robert & Ethel Leonard marriage certificate
Robert & Ethel Leonard photo
Robert Jasper Leonard birth certificate
Robert Jasper Leonard Family Tree
Robert Jasper Leonard photo
Robert Jasper Leonard's home in Cortland
Rose (Hollenbeck) Leonard obituary & tombstone
Rose Hollenbeck Leonard photo
Rose Hollenbeck social news
Rose Hollenbeck's Family Outline
Roxy Dykeman's suicide news
Russel Leonard missing 1834 news
Sampson Lennard painting
Savage's Genealogical Dictionary p. 78-80
Ship Manifest 1907
Ship Manifest 1918
Ship Manifest 1920
Ship Manifest 1921
Ship Manifest 1922
  S.S. Clearwater
  S.S. Italia
  S.S. Oscar II
  S.S. Western Queen
  The Maryland
Sophronia Knapp's obituary
South Street Seaport, New York City
Summerhill photos
Taunton Iron Works
The Stranger in America by F. Lieber
Thomas Knapp and sons military records
Vena Dykeman Daniels Slate death certificate
Vena Dykeman Daniels Slate photo
Vena Dykeman's Ancestors
West Springfield Aerial View
William "Billy" Leonard dies in fire
William B. Leonard tombstone
William B. Leonard's birth certificate


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