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John Shirley's hidden fortune

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

While researching my 4th great-grandfather, John Shirley's family, I found this article relating to a man by the same name. It was printed in the Hudson Record, Hudson, New York, in 1887, as follows:

Hudson Record, Hudson, New York, 1887


Denver, Col., May 13 - John Shirley, a miserly saloon keeper, who lived in Buffalo Creak, 10 miles west of Denver, died a few days ago and it is reported he left a large amount of money secreted about the house somewhere or buried in the yard. Search was instituted and a will was found leaving everything to Dr. Morey, who lived a mile from Shirley's cabin, but it failed to state where the property could be found. An old safe standing in the small bedroom where the miser died was broken open and $637 found. Those who know Shirley best, however, firmly believes that there is buried somewhere on the premises from $25,000 to $30,000 in gold. The town and surrounding county are greatly excited over the affair and those interested in the money have stationed guards around the grounds.



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