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What you can learn from a Social Security number

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

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Did you know that the prefix of your social security number indicates which State the number was issued in? The first three digits are the area number, the next two digits are the group number, and the last four digits are the serial number.

The area number (first three digits of a Social Security number):

001-003 issued in New Hampshire

004-007 issued in Maine

008-009 issued in Vermont

010-034 issued in Massachusetts

035-039 issued in Rhode Island

040-049 issued in Connecticut

050-134 issued in New York

135-158 issued in New Jersey

159-211 issued in Pennsylvania

212-220 issued in Maryland

221-222 issued in Delaware

223-231 issued in Virginia

232 issued in West Virginia & North Carolina

233-236 issued in West Virginia

237-246 issued in North Carolina

247-251 issued in South Carolina

252-260 issued in Georgia

261-267 issued in Florida

268-302 issued in Ohio

303-317 issued in Indiana

318-361 issued in Illinois

362-386 issued in Michigan

387-399 issued in Wisconsin

400-407 issued in Kentucky

408-415 issued in Tennessee

416-424 issued in Alabama

425-428 issued in Mississippi

429-432 issued in Arkansas

433-439 issued in Louisiana

440-448 issued in Oklahoma

449-467 issued in Texas

468-477 issued in Minnesota

478-485 issued in Iowa

486-500 issued in Missouri

501-502 issued in North Dakota

503-504 issued in South Dakota

505-508 issued in Nebraska

509-515 issued in Kansas

516-517 issued in Montana

518-519 issued in Idaho

520 issued in Wyoming

521-524 issued in Colorado

525 issued in New Mexico

526-527 issued in Arizona

528-529 issued in Utah

530 issued in Nevada

531-539 issued in Washington

540-544 issued in Oregon

545-573 issued in California

574 issued in Alaska

575-576 issued in Hawaii

577-579 issued in District of Columbia

580 issued in Virgin Islands

581-584 issued in Puerto Rico

585 issued in New Mexico

586 issued in American Samoa, Guam & Philippines

587-588 issued in Mississippi

589-595 issued in Florida

596-599 issued in Puerto Rico

600-601 issued in Arizona

602-626 issued in California

627-647 issued in Texas

648-649 issued in New Mexico

650-653 issued in Colorado

654-658 issued in South Carolina

659-665 issued in Louisiana

667-675 issued in Georgia

676-679 issued in Arkansas

680 issued in Nevada

681-690 issued in North Carolina

691-699 issued in Virginia

700-728 issued by Railroad Board (railroad employee)

729-733 Enumeration at Entry (non-citizen w/ permanent residency)

750-751 issued in Hawaii

752-755 issued in Mississippi

756-763 issued in Tennessee

764-765 issued in Arizona

765-772 issued in Florida

Did you notice which prefix has not been used?

The second and third set of digits in the social security number is the group number issued to the post office for assignment. They were not distributed consecutively for security reasons.

You can also search the Social Security Death Index free at Ancestry (Click here). A free search provides name, year of death and residence only.

Here's an example of how this can be useful. Some records pertaining to my great-grandfather's brother, James H. Leonard, indicate he was born in New York, while others say Pennsylvania. His social security number begins with 133, which I can see from the list above, was New York.

Interesting fact:

"The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) of 2004 (Public Law (P.L.) 108-458) placed limits on the number of replacement Social Security cards an individual can receive. Beginning with cards issued on or after December 17, 2005, individuals may only receive three Social Security cards per year and 10 in a lifetime, with certain exceptions, such as correcting errors or name changes."

For more information about the Social Security system, see this page at

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1 Comment

Anthoni Reed
Anthoni Reed
May 13, 2023

With older relatives, this can be misleading. SSN were not issued at birth prior to 1987. For example, I was born in Pennsylvania but did not receive a SSN until I was 12, by which time I lived in Kentucky so my SSN starts with 407 and not 160.


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