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Abraham Reese Jr on Chromosome 15

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

It's amazing what can be discovered or proven with DNA. As the study of this relatively new technology progresses and more people test their results, we are learning more and more. Earlier today, a cousin informed me that our Reese family is in Haplogroup R-L 1029, which prompted a change of plans for my day and after some tinkering at GedMatch and WikiTree, I believe I have determined the place of Abraham Reese Jr or his ancestors in my DNA. His contribution is found on the 15th Chromosome. His ancestors most likely also share the same match.

From what I understand, not every one of his descendants will share this match. We each take different parts from our parents genes. Even siblings can differ in segments.

These diagrams show the matches between myself and two other known descendants of Abraham. The matching segment is shown in blue/purple.

If you are in this family and have a GEDmatch Kit Number, please comment below or contact me!


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