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Abraham Reese on the census 1850 and 1860

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

In 1850, Abraham was living in Franklin, Lycoming, Pennsylvania, but on the census his name was misspelled “Reacer”. Notice that Catharine’s father, Enez George, was living with them. Abraham’s son, Abraham, Jr. was listed immediately after him, probably neighbors.

In 1860, Abraham’s family was counted on the census in Franklin, Lycoming County. Abraham was 74, Catharine was 72. Their daughter Lavina Bennett (age 33) was living in the home, along with six Bennett children, presumably Lavina’s. Abraham’s sons, John and Josiah are listed on the same census page, both married, and his son Abraham Jr. was listed on the next page of the census, meaning they still lived within close proximity to each other.


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