Ada Reese hit by car

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Featured here is another story I had never heard until I found it in a 1934 newspaper.

My 2nd great-grandmother, Ada (Temple) Reese was 51 at the time of this incident, when she was hit by a car driven by Lloyd Temple. This could be referring to her father, John Lloyd Temple, who would have been 74 at the time. Or it could be referring to her nephew, Lloyd Temple, the son of her brother, James. Which do you think it was? Comment below!

Note: Ada's father, John Lloyd Temple, died in 1937 and her nephew, Lloyd Temple, was a pall bearer at her funeral in 1973.


Mrs. Maynard Reese Felled By Car

Mrs. Maynard Reese, of near Levanna, was struck by an automobile, near Center street in this village, Monday evening as she was crossing the street. The car was driven by Lloyd Temple of Levanna. Mrs. Reese received a cut on her face and right leg and suffered some shock. She was taken to the home of Dr. N. L. Woodford for emergency treatment and then removed to Auburn City Hospital, where she is doing as well as can be expected. [Union Springs Advertiser August 9, 1934].

For more on this family, see the Reese page and the Temple page.

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