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Are you a Mayflower descendant?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The New England Historic Genealogical Society is anticipating 2020, the year that commemorates 400 years since the arrival of the Mayflower. If you are a descendant of a Mayflower passenger, you can add your name and be a part of history. You may be able to discover new information pertaining to your ancestors by connecting with other known descendants. If you need help tracing your Mayflower ancestry, paid researchers can help with that, too.

Mayflower Passenger List

John Alden (c. 1599-1687)

Isaac Allerton (c. 1586-1659)

Mary (Norris) Allerton (d. 1621)

Bartholomew Allerton (c. 1613-1658)

Mary Allerton (c. 1617-1699)

Remember Allerton (c. 1615-1652/56)

John Allerton (d. 1621)

John Billington (c. 1582-1630)

Elinor Billington (d. aft. Mar. 1642/3)

John Billington (c. 1604-1627-30)

Francis Billington (c. 1606-aft. 1674)

William Bradford (c. 1590-1657)

Dorothy (May) Bradford (c. 1597-1620)

William Brewster (c. 1566-1644)

Mary Brewster (c. 1569-1627)

Love Brewster (c. 1607-1650)

Wrestling Brewster (c. 1611-1627-51)

Richard Britteridge (d. 1620)

Peter Brown (c. 1600-1633)

William Button (d. 1620)

Robert Carter (d. c. 1621)

John Carver (c. 1585-1621)

Katherine (White) Carver (d. 1621)

James Chilton (c. 1556-1620)

Mrs. Chilton (d. c. 1621)

Mary Chilton (c. 1608-bef. 1679)

John Clarke

Richard Clarke (d. c. 1621)

Francis Cooke (c. 1583-1663)

John Cooke (c. 1607-1695)

Humility Cooper (c. 1620-aft. 1639)

Robert Coppin

John Crackstone (c. 1575-c. 1621)

John Crackstone (c. 1602-c. 1621)

Edward Doty (c. 1599-1655)

Francis Eaton (c. 1595-1633)

Sarah Eaton (d. 1621)

Samuel Eaton (c. 1619- )

Mr. Ely (seaman who returned to England)

Thomas English

Moses Fletcher (c. 1565-c. 1621)

Edward Fuller (1575-c. 1621)

Mrs. Fuller (d. 1621)

Samuel Fuller (c. 1608-1683)

Samuel Fuller (1580-1633)

Richard Gardiner (died at sea or in England)

John Goodman (d. 1621)

Giles Heale (returned to England)

William Holbeck (d. c. 1621)

John Hooke (died the first winter)

Stephen Hopkins (c. 1582-1644)

Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins (d. by 1651)

Oceanus Hopkins (1620-by 1627)

Damaris Hopkins (c. 1618-bef. 1628)

Constance Hopkins (c. 1607-1677)

Giles Hopkins (c. 1609-1690)

John Howland (c. 1592-1673)

Christopher Jones (shop's master)

John Langmore (d. c. 1621)

William Latham (returned to England after 20 years)

Edward Leister

Edmund Margesson (d. c. 1621, no descendants)

Christopher Martin (c. 1582-1621)

Mary (Prower) Martin (d. 1621)

Desire Minter

Ellen More (c. 1612-c. 1621)

Jasper More (c. 1613-c. 1621)

Mary More (c. 1616-c. 1621)

Richard More (c. 1614-1694-96)

William Mullins (c. 1568-1621)

Alice Mullins (d. c. 1621)

Joseph Mullins (c. 1596-c. 1621)

Priscilla (Mullins) Alden (c. 1603-c. 1685)

Degory Priest (c. 1579-1621)

Solomon Prower (d. c. 1621)

John Rigsdale (d. c. 1621)

Alice Rigsdale (d. c. 1621)

Thomas Rogers (c. 1572-c. 1621)

Joseph Rogers (1603-1678)

Henry Sampson (1604-c. 1685)

George Soule

Myles Standish (c. 1593-1656)

Rose Standish (d. 1621)

Elias Story (d. c. 1621)

Edward Thomson (d. 1620)

Edward Tilley (1588-c. 1621)

Agnes (Cooper) Tilley (d. c. 1621)

John Tilley (c. 1571-1620)

Joan (Hurst) Tilley (d. c. 1621)

Elizabeth Tilley (c. 1607-1687)

Thomas Tinker (d. c. 1621)

Mrs. Tinker (d. c. 1621)

(Son) Tinker (d. c. 1621)

William Trevor (seaman, remained only one year)

John Turner (c. 1590-c. 1621)

(Son #1) Turner (c. 1617-c. 1621)

(Son #2) Turner (c. 1617-c. 1621)

Richard Warren (c. 1578-1628)

William White (c. 1590-1621)

Susanna (Jackson) White (d. bet. 1654-1675)

Resolved White (c. 1615-aft. 1687)

Peregrine White (1620-1704)

Roger Wilder (d. c. 1621)

Thomas William (d. c. 1621)

Edward Winslow (1595-1655)

Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow (d. 1621)

Gilbert Winslow (returned to Eng. by 1627)

An unidentified woman named Dorothy who later married Francis Eaton


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