Aunt Lilly and Grandma (Robinson)

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

This puzzling photo from the Dickinson family was one of the photos passed down to my mother. On the front, it is marked "Robinson" and says, "Aunt Lilly & Grandma" on the bottom. On the backside, it reads as follows:

"This picture has been very dear to me since it is the only one of grandma and Aunt Lilly that we have and I thought you were the real owner of it now since Aunt Emily is not here. Take care of them all as they bring back sweet memories of long ago."

The writing was most likely done by Harry Dickinson or one of his children. Harry's wife was Annie Robinson, who died in 1913. Annie's sister Emily ("Aunt Emily") died in 1919. Was Annie "grandma"? In my opinion the young lady on the right resembles Annie but her mouth is different and the woman sitting doesn't appear to be Annie. If Annie isn't the grandmother the writer was referring to, they must have been referring to Emma (Griffith) Robinson. Both of these women resemble Emma (Griffith) Robinson but her sister wasn't a Robinson. Perhaps it should have been labeled "Griffith"? Please share your opinion below!

The photographer's name, S. W. Oakes, 90 Liverpool Road, Patricroft. Patricroft is an area of Eccles in Manchester, England. A little research revealed the photographers full name was Simon William Oakes and his studio was established in 1870. (Other photos by Oakes say "Established 1870". [Source]. Also, on the 1881 census , he was living in Barton on Irwell, a 39 year-old photographer. When his son, James Oakes, was married in 1911, he listed his father's occupation as photographer. [Source: Marriages at All Saints in Weaste, Salford]).

Back side:

See the Dickinson page for more information about this family.

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