Biographical sketch of the Centenarian, Mrs. Abigail Alden Leonard of Raynham, Mass.

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Biographical sketch of the Centenarian, Mrs. Abigail Alden Leonard of Raynham, Mass., by Enoch Sanford, 1795-1890. Published 1887. The book can be view online for free at

Abigail Alden, descendant of Mayflower passenger, John Alden, married Colonel Zephaniah Leonard of Rayham. Zephaniah was born January 18, 1736, a son of Major Zephaniah Leonard and his wife, Hannah King. The author claims Hannah King's maternal lineage, a noble one, can be found in "Sketch of the Families of Kings", published in 1866. The book, by the same author, is actually called "Genealogy of the families of Kings, who lived in Raynham from 1680, to the present, 1865".

Major Zephaniah Leonard and his wife, Hannah, both died on April 23, 1766, and were buried in Plain Cemetery in Taunton, Massachusetts. See also, a handwritten note, signed by Zephaniah Leonard, requesting his pay for 1777 be given to Henry Gardner, Esq.

Colonel Zephaniah Leonard was a graduate of Yale University in 1758. He was a prominent participant in the Revolutionary War and was High Sheriff of Bristol County for 32 years. He died on April 11, 1814. His brother, Samuel Leonard, graduated from Yale in 1791, and became a manufacturer and distributor of domestic articles.

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