Bradford's Journal of the Mayflower Pilgrims & Passengers

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

William Bradford was a Puritan separatist from Yorkshire, England. He was a separatist and member of the Leyden Congregation. See my previous blog, Pilgrims and Strangers in Plymouth, to learn more about their journey and mission. Also, check out my interactive Mayflower database here. (Note: The page may load slow at first, but if you have the patience to let it load, it could end up saving you lots of research time!)

William Bradford kept a journal with information about the passengers, shown below. This resource is one of the many valuable records of the First Comers. Bradford went on to become Governor of the Plymouth Colony until about 1657. See more on William Bradford here.

Use the arrows to navigate to the five pages of the journal or if you're on a touchscreen device, slide the page to scroll to the next page. [Alternate link].

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