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Brothers of Delaphina Decker

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Lydia Mayo had a daughter, Olive Ames, with her first husband. About 1896 she divorced Halloway Ames and married Charles G. Decker. Together, Charles and Lydia had seven children before he died in 1909.

Their first daughter, was Delaphina Decker, also called Delaphine Decker. She was born in 1897 and married William H. Dickinson. Their next daughter, Iona Belle Decker, was born in 1898 but she became ill and died in 1904.

Their first son, Harry Decker, shown at right, was born abt. 1901, and in February of 1902, Oscar Mayo Decker was born. Soon after, in October, 1902, Norman Griggs Decker was born. Theodore R. Decker was born in 1908 and Herbert Henry Decker was conceived before his father died in May of 1909 and was born fatherless on February 25, 1910.

Mary is shown here with her three oldest brothers, Harry Decker, Norman G. Decker, and Oscar Decker, abt. 1904 or 1905:

Based on the ages of her brothers, it seems the brothers shown here are her three youngest, from left to right: their mother, Lydia (Mayo) Decker, Herbert Decker, Delaphina (Decker) Dickinson, Theodore R. Decker, and Norman Griggs Decker.

Later, when Mary was married, she and her husband, W. H. Dickinson (at right), were captured in the photograph shown here, with her brother, Norman Decker, and an unnamed woman, perhaps Norman's first wife.

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See the Decker and Mayo pages for more on this family.


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