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Browse the New Jersey Birth Index online (1901-1903)

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Prior to their release by Reclaim the Records, the New Jersey birth index was only available on microfilm at the Archives. You can now access some of the indexes free of charge online.

The birth index includes the name of the child, the parents, and the certificate number. Copies can be ordered using this information.

Some of the pages are missing, faded, torn or damaged. The following is a sample of what you can expect to find. The names are sorted alphabetically by last name, so you will have to flip through the pages to find the names you are looking for.

Sample page of NJ Birth Index

Use these links to find the surnames you are looking for:

1901 - Surnames [A-H] [I-L] [M-S] [T-Z]

1902 - Surnames [A-J] [K-L] [M-W] [W-Z]

1903 - Surnames [A-Z]

Additional years may be added as the time limitations expire. Check for new releases here.

For more birth records, visit the New Jersey Genealogy Resources page and select Vital Records from the list. From there you can also check resources for specific counties or towns, too.

You can also submit a request for a search of the New Jersey's Birth Records Database, which contains births from 1848 to 1920. The search is $10-$15.

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