Charles A. Decker of Alfred, NY son of Elmer dies 1950

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

From his obituary, we can summize the following:

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Decker of Belmont had at least nine sons and three daughters. The following were the ones living in 1950:

  • Walter Decker of Burlington, NJ

  • Stewart Decker of New Florence, PA

  • Elmer Decker of Philadelphia, PA

  • Raymond Decker of Cleveland, OH

  • Paul Decker of Johnstown, PA

  • Joseph Decker of Belmont, NY

  • Harry Decker of Pittsburgh, PA

  • Oscar Decker of Friendship, NY?

  • Belle Decker Janakis of Pittsburgh, PA

  • Marie Decker of Canton, OH

  • Beulah Decker Kaiser of Belmont, NY

  • Blanch Decker Travis of Alfred, NY

  • Charles Decker of Belmont, NY (Charles married Dora Hoffman and had a daughter named Hazel Decker of Hornell. Charles died in Hornell, New York, on 4 Feb 1950 from wounds suffered after explosion. He is buried in Belmont Cemetery).

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