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Charles Decker's life map

Charles Decker and Lydia (Mayo) Ames were said to have been married sometime between the time they left from Scranton, Pennsylvania, in September of 1896 and were living in "Hickory Grove" in October 1897. Little evidence has been found to identify this Charles Decker. The only clues I have found so far are summarized here. You can find more information on these facts on Charles Decker's profile page.

The New York State Marriage Index contains no record matching Charles and Lydia. The following entries for Charles Decker are found:

Charles J. Decker 9/23/1896 Deerfield NY #17773.

Charles M. Decker 6/24/1896 Newburgh NY #11540.

Charles Decker 11/28/1897 Kingston NY #23079 (married Helena Bruck)

Charles F. Decker 11/27/1897 Mariners Harbor NY #23050

Charles H. Decker 10/6/1897 Red Hook NY #18163

Charles A. Decker 9/29/1898 Binghamton NY #16967

Charles E. Decker 9/25/1898 Howard NY #16531

Charles Decker 1/30/1899 Spencertown NY #1663

Charles G. Decker 1/18/1899 Middletown NY #0965 (married Bertha Holley)

Charles H. Decker 2/16/1899 Rome NY #2780

Charles J. F. Decker 4/18/1900 Croton Falls NY #6467

Charles and Lydia's daughter, Delaphina was born on January 19, 1897. New York birth indices for 1896-1898 showed no entries for her.

If anyone has evidence of Charles and Lydia's marriage or the birth of their daughter, Delaphina, please contact me or use the Decker forum to share!


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