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Charles Leonard family records in Moravia

While searching on FamilySearch, I stumbled upon a book held at the Onondaga County Public Library, called "An index for genealogical research : comprising 10,000 names of persons given in the first book of vital records of the township and village of Moravia, Cayuga County, New York, covering the period from 1880 to about 1910". This is a 55 page book you can browse through on FamilySearch (click here).

In this book, Charles Leonard's family is mentioned on pages 28 and 29 as follows: (Note: the B, M, D after the name indicated it is a birth marriage, marriage record, or death record, followed by the name of the affiliated or related person).

The following names are mentioned, along with the record type and other people named on the document:

Sophronia Knapp (Marriage) Charles Hastings

Barbara Leonard (Marriage) Horace Main

Charles Leonard (Marriage) Lewis Leonard

Ethel Leonard (Birth) Jennie Bross

Jam [Jan? Jenette?] Leonard (Marriage) Winfield Reynolds

James Leonard (Marriage) Horace Main

Marinda Leonard (Death) William Matteson

Martin Leonard (Death) Buren Leonard

Susan Leonard (Marriage) Arthur Brown

Susan Leonard (Death) Harris Canavan

Susan Leonard (Birth) Mary Canavan

Susan Leonard (Marriage) William Canavan

Susan Leonard (Marriage) Fred Matison

There are no dates given in this book, except that the rcords are dated from 1880 to about 1910. For more information about these records, contact the Moravia town clerk's office or the Cayuga County Courthouse. Please share what you learn with us!


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