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Charles Russell Leonard death notice

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Charles Russell Leonard died on Monday, Nov. 23, 1908. Notice of his funeral was printed in The Journal (Groton, New York) on November 25, 1908, and a "card" of thanks was published on December 2, 1908, by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wells and Mrs. Chas. Leonard.

It took a long time to find this obituary, simply because Charles' name was abbreviated as "Chas." and it doesn't offer much information. A more interesting notice was published the following week. "A thank neighbors and friends for their kindness and sympathy during the illness and death of Charles Leonard". It was signed "Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wells" and "Mrs. Chas. Leonard".

It seems safe to assume "Mrs. Chas. Leonard" is referring to Luella, his second wife, but who were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wells and how were they involved? There was a Charles E. Wells in Groton in 1900. He was married to Ina Legg, but he died in 1904, prior to this notice.

See the Leonard page for more.

Research Notes:

Before finding this, I searched the following newspapers:

  • Moravia NY Republican Register 1908 - 1912

  • Auburn NY Democrat Argus 1908 - 1909 (Mentions: Herman Leonard's estate and heirs: Susan Leonard, widow, George H. Leonard, son, and David E. Wallace, stepson. (April, 1908). Also, Patrick Leonard, father of Mrs. Michael Coleman.)

  • Union Springs NY Advertiser 1908-1911 - (Mentions: Charles Leonard of Farmer)

  • Interlakin NY Interlaken Review 1908-1910 (searched as given, sic)

  • Newspaper Auburn NY Weekly Auburnian 1885 - 1888


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