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Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Charles Russell Leonard died on Monday, Nov. 23, 1908. Notice of his funeral was printed in The Journal (Groton, New York) on November 25, 1908, and a "card" of thanks was published on December 2, 1908, by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wells and Mrs. Chas. Leonard.

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Research Notes:

Before finding this, I searched the following newspapers:

  • Moravia NY Republican Register 1908 - 1912

  • Auburn NY Democrat Argus 1908 - 1909 (Mentions: Herman Leonard's estate and heirs: Susan Leonard, widow, George H. Leonard, son, and David E. Wallace, stepson. (April, 1908). Also, Patrick Leonard, father of Mrs. Michael Coleman.)

  • Union Springs NY Advertiser 1908-1911 - (Mentions: Charles Leonard of Farmer)

  • Interlakin NY Interlaken Review 1908-1910 (searched as given, sic)

  • Newspaper Auburn NY Weekly Auburnian 1885 - 1888

Try these for an alternate notice or obituary:

  • Union Springs NY Advertiser 1908-1909

  • Watkins NY Express 1908 ??

  • Newspaper Auburn NY Daily Bulletin 1908??

  • Auburn NY Weekly News And Democrat 1896 - 1897

  • Newspaper Auburn NY Democrat - Argus

  • Newspaper Auburn NY Weekly Bulletin 1908 - 1909

  • Newspaper Auburn NY Weekly Bulletin 1895 - 1897

One other interesting find in a random news story:

"Asa Leonard returned to Providence, R.I., Monday Evening. He is employed as chemist by a large manufacturing concern near the city". - Interlaken Review - July 1, 1910

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