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Children of John Dickinson baptized at St Nicholas

After finding what I believe to be the record of my 5th great-grandfather, William Dickinson's 1768 baptism, I set out to find other children of "John Dickinson of Middlewood", baptized at the same church - Sheffield, St Nicholas, Bradfield, in the mid to late 1700s.

This baptism took place at Sheffield, St Nicholas, Bradfield, Yorkshire (West Riding), England, shown here:

From the Parish Baptismal Records of Sheffield, St Nicholas, Bradfield, the children born to "John Dickinson of Middlewood" were:

Children born to John Dickinson of Middlewood, baptized at Sheffield, St Nicholas, Bradfield:

  1. Thomas Dickinson, baptized Aug. 14, 1763

  2. John Dickinson, baptized May 11, 1765

  3. William Dickinson, baptized Dec. 25, 1767

  4. Jonathan Dickinson, baptized July 15, 1770

  5. Mary Dickinson, baptized July 15, 1770

  6. Martha Dickinson, baptized Aug. 3, 1777, died in 1779, buried Oct. 12, 1779 at St. Nicholas, Bradfield.

  7. Hannah Dickinson, baptized Sept. 16, 1780


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