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Children of Josiah & Effie Reese

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Josiah and Effie are recorded as having the following children:

  • Peter Milton Reese, born on 22 Dec 1858 in Davidson, Sullivan County and was counted there again on the census taken 14 Jun 1880. He was a laborer, age 22, single. He married Christie Ann Swank in 1883 and died 15 Jan 1936. He is buried at Franklin Stone Heap Cemetery in Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

  • William Henry Reese, born 4 Oct 1860 in Davidson, married a woman by the name of Margaret about 1880 and had six known children including Irvin, born abt. 1881 who was widowed by 1910, Jacob, born abt. 1882, William (Willie), born abt. 1895, Jessie, born abt. 1897, Reeder, born abt. 1903, and Luvellia, born abt. 1905. William Henry had died by 1950.

  • Wesley John Reese (or John Wesley Reese) was born 3 Nov 1861 in Davidson, married Mary Rider in 1884 and died in on April 23, 1939, at Eagles Mere, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.

  • Sarah Jane Reese was born 17 Oct 1867, married Charles Wesley Swank, son of Henry & Matilda Swank, in January or February of 1886. Together they had Lucy B. Swank, born Apr 1888, Sherman S. Swank, born June 1890, Effie A. Swank, born May 1892, Master G. Swank, born June 1898, and one other son who died before 1900, Sarah died 12 Feb 1942.

  • Harvey J. Reese, born 21 Apr 1870, married Sarah Artley on 02 Jul 1895 and died on 1 Oct 1939.

  • Clinton George Reese, born 24 Sep 1872, married Myrtle Jane Rider on 24 Sep 1900 and died in 1963.

  • Mary Alice Reese, born on 30 Jun 1878 in Lycoming, Pennsylvania, married James Wilson Kile on 10 Apr 1897 and died on 16 Aug 1942 at Moreland, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. She lived near Frenchtown School in Muncy.

  • Charles E. Reese, born on 28 Dec 1880.

  • Hannah E. Reese, born 4 Jul 1883 in Davidson, who married Henry Samuel Rider on 4 Feb 1904 and died in 1951.

These are unconfirmed children of Josiah and Effie:

  • James McClellan Reese, born 22 Jul 1863 and died in 1931.

  • David Elias Reese, born 6 Apr 1865, married Edith Estella Shirer on 20 Aug 1888 and died 24 Jan 1945.


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