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Collections of the Cayuga County Historical Society

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Here's another great resource for researching the people and history of Cayuga County, New York. Here you can find old maps, illustrations, biographies, genealogies, legends, folklore, and more. Access 12 volumes of historical collections published by the Cayuga County Historical Society free of charge using the links below.

Maps of Iroquois Iroquois Castles & Mission Sites NY
Maps of Iroquois Castles & Mission Sites (Found in Vol. 3)

Collections of the Cayuga County Historical Society

  • Volume 1 - 1879 [Link] Contents: Journal of Lieut. John L. Hardenbergh of the Second New York Continental Regiment 1779 in General Sullivan's Campaign against the Western Indians with historical notes and maps of the battlefield of Newtown and Groveland Ambuscade, and other journals never published.

  • Volume 2 - 1882 [Link] Contents: Historical sketch of Friends in Cayuga County, N.Y., Inventors and inventions of Cayuga County, N.Y., with illustrations and supplement.

  • Volume 3 - 1884 [Link] Contents: Early chapters of Seneca history: Jesuit Missions in Sonnontouan 1656-1684, Annual addresses 1883-1884.

  • Volume 4 - 1887 [Link] Contents: Proceedings of the Society in regard to the death of the Rev. Charles Hawley, D.D. with memorial address and appendix, constitution and by-laws and officers and members.

  • Volume 5 - 1887 [Link] Contents: Sewers ancient and modern, Hobbies and some which we have ridden in 1886.

  • Volume 6 - 1888 [Link] Contents: Certificates of Incorporation, by-laws, officers and members, minutes of the annual meeting, culture and manufacture of wool in Cayuga County, Memoir of David Thomas, Biography of William Bostwick, Recollections of early life in Auburn, Reminiscences of my early life in Auburn by Mrs. S. Benton Hunt, Cayuga Joint Stock Company, Biography of General Fleming, The Burning of the St. James with some account of early taverns of Auburn and vicinity.

  • Volume 7 - 1889 [Link] Contents: Twelfth annual address, Early days of the late William H. Seward, History of the Press of Cayuga County from 1798-1877, early modes of transportation, recollections of Auburn, Sketch of Roswell Franklin, sketch of the life of Governor Throop, Sullivan's Expedition and the Cayugas, The late C.H. Merriman, and Biographical sketches of Joseph and John Richardson.

  • Volume 8 - 1890 [Link] Contents: Society members, current events.

  • Volume 9 - 1891 [Link] Contents: Society members and current events.

  • Volume 10 - 1893 [Link] Contents: Officers and committees 1893, The beginnings of the Republican Party in Cayuga County by John W. O'Brien, First Paper 1890, Second paper 1891.

  • Volume 11 - 1894 [Link] Contents: Officers and committees 1894, papers ready 1891-1984, Synopsis of papers, necrology foreign, necrology American and necrology local.

  • Volume 12 - 1906 [Link] "Collections Number Twelve of the Cayuga County Historical Society" Contents: Officers and Committees 1906, Sketch of the Auburn Academy by Benjamin B. Snow, The Roads and Streets of Auburn, Personal Experiences of the Civil War, Publications of the Society.



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