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Colonial and revolutionary families of Pennsylvania

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Published in 1911 by John and Wilfred Jordan, "Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania; genealogical and personal memoirs" contains valuable information about Pennsylvania's Colonial and Revolutionary families. On these pages are hundreds of valuable histories, photos, coats of arms, and genealogies of long forgotten Pennsylvania men and women.

Please note: An index is provided in Volume 3, but Volume 4 has no index. I flipped through each page and made note of the family names to make it a little easier for viewers to locate the name of interest, however, you can also use the search feature within each book to search for a name. (Open the link in a new window or tab to do this). Keep in mind some spelling varied in colonial times. I recommend browsing through each volume if you are researching old Pennsylvania families.

Choose one:

Volume 1 p. 1-656 - Penn, Logan, Lloyd, Morris, Norris, Shippen, Powell, Swift, Willing, Balch, Bevan, Rawle, Biddle, Emlen, Waln, Warner, Wistar-Wister (or Wuster), Pemberton, Fox, Holme, Crispin, Tyson, Yeates, McCall, Plumstead, Gilpin, Shoemaker, Roberts, Cuthbert, Carpenter, Preston, Pennypacker, Lloyd, Chew, Hamilton, Wharton, Magee, Singer, Mosier, Sheppard, Heyl, Rupp, Marshall, Corbin, Kendrick, Turnbull, Spearhawk, Rea, Donaldson, Blynn, Sill

Volume 2 p. 657-1168 - Seargant, Blight, Whelan, Cooke, Abbot, Findley, Lyne, Duane, Ricketts, Miner, Steel, Biddle, Mercur, Fisher, Waller, Patterson, Evans, Waddell-Smith, Laughlin, Kennedy, Hillman, Putnam, Curtin, Bunting, Carstairs, Denny, Chaplin, Herron, Evans, Lyon, Jenkins, Brodhead, Smith, Benners, Derr, Fassett, Miller, Follansbee, Lydick, Mehard, Clark, Robinson, Haines, Samson, Reineman, Hays, Homer, Griffith, Allen, Adams-Anshutz, Logue, Decker, Lovejoy, Sullivan, Scott, De Armit, Robb, Paul, Eaton, Morrow, Burns, Corcoran, Gleffer, Lindsay, Crowell, Babcock (Badcocke), Hewson, Bosbyshell, Potter, Carson, Robbins, Molten, Lennig, Neff, Wallace, Richards, Brown, Osbourn, Converse, Marston, Calvert, Madeira, Boggs, Lloyd, Wilkinson, Montgomery, Howard, Nichols, Smith, Bournonville, Craig

Volume 3 p. 1169 - 1700 - Wells, McKean, Wynne, Pinkerton, Ellison, Leaming, Burnham, Etting, Kimber, Huff, Burchfield, Snowden and McKay, Shattuck, Newhall, Paine, Winsheimer, Kimball, Cassidy, Wentworth, Tingley, Peet, Moon, Kinney, Ashton, Mitchell, Flagg, Porter, Dechert, Ashhurst, Patterson, Schriver, Van Leer, Johnson, Bodine, Purves, Ball, Weitzel, Patton, Bonsall, Townsend, Fisher, Houston, McCloud, Hart, Merrill, Weaver, Perrin, Lloyd, Thomas, Sellers, Diehl, Price, Brice, Hamill, Bissell, Bryden, White and Beeson, Say and Liggett, Butler, Thorington, Maclay, Mann, Wiederseim, Eveland, Plumly, Philips, Ward, Johnson, Barlow, Humbird, Preble, McClintock, Larimer and Mellon, McCurdy, McMasters, Patton, Stevenson, Childs, Cassatt, Mulford, Thomas, Paulson, Coyle, Sailor, Friend, McCandless, Liggett, Bigger, Horne, Neale, Ruffner, McKnight, Carson, Davis, Dickey, Barnes, Jarvis, Semple, Hunt, Comegys, Walter, Smith, Sanderson, Pinkerton, Darte, Riter, Sankey, Smith, Paul, Kent, Rouse, Barnes, Baird, Lammot, Wignall, Wagner, Reed, Hutchinson, Pequignot, Snowden and Mitchell, Lyon, Askin, Osten, Ballard, Wainwright, Jordan, Farr, Wurts

Volume 4 - Hopkinson, Wharton, Pepper, Morris, Lloyd, Biddle, Thomas, Cadwalader, Baird, Van Rensselaer, Wister (formerly Wuster), Hutchinson, Robinette, Van Schrieck, Gaither, Fownes, Sellers, Smith, Buckley, Buck, Farmar, Burd, Barde, Grubb, Vaughan, Shippen, Gribbel, Reynolds, Holmes, Jones, Crooker, Wright, Damen, Willets, Underhill, Feake, Townsend, Fleet, Coles, Woodin, Townsend, Bancker, De Peyster, Wood, Kooghlande, Eppes (Van Eps), Boelen, Bailles, Hooper, Tristram, Winter, Porter, Dighton, Andrews, Walker, Gooding, Richmond, Hodges, Beal, Sergeant, Jordan, Godfrey, Williams, Gollop (Gallop), Macey (Macy), Marshall, Houston, Bonnell, Harbottle, Grimston (Grimstone), Lievens, Tidmarsh, Curryer (Currier), Gibbins (Gibbons), Bringhurst, Clarkson, Baude (Boude), Strickler, Van Schwick, Darlington-Butcher, Bodine, Donaldson, Fortescue, Penn, Stockton, Crispin, Wetherall (Wetherill), Wayne, Dodge, Barclay, Row, Mapes, Gordon, Firmin (Furman), Pearsall (Parshall), Greene, Browne, Taylor, Pearson, Dutton, Floyd, Coats, Janney (Jenney), Walter, Newland (Newlin), Woodward, Coggeshall, Hosier, Jackson, Kimber, Mitchell, Tripp, Coffin, Gardiner (Gardner), Kimball, Worth, Hough, Morris, Blin (Blinn), Chadborn (Chadbourne), Blagdon (Blagden), Hilton, Delano, Gilmor (Gilmore), Stileman (Stillman), Denison (Dennison), Townley (Townsley), Bayne, Herd (Heard), Spinney, Hatch, Harmon, Weymouth, Clarke, Nashe (Nash), Simonds (Simmons), Molins (Mullins), Shapleigh, Wadsworth, Peabody (Pabodie), Alden


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