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Daniel Dugan (1756-1836) in the Revolution

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Daniel Dugan was my mother's paternal 4th great-grandfather. He fought in Washington's army during the American Revolution and engaged in the battles of Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, and many others. He suffered many wounds during these battles, from which he was crippled for life.

His full, handwritten testimony about his account of the events are as follows:

State of Pennsylvania, County of Lycoming, on the 21st day of September 1832, personally appeared before John Cumings, Esq., one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Lycoming, Daniel Dugan of the residence of Franklin Township, County of Lycoming and State of Pennsylvania, aged eighty-two years who being first sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declarations in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.

I entered the service of the United States under the named officers and served as herein stated. I resided in the Reading town Township, Hunterdon County, and State of New Jersey. I was drafted the second call that made of the Militia after the British vessels first made their appearance off New York for one month under Cap. Denike to Amboy and served during that month between Newark and Amboys watching movements of two or three British vessels. I was at home one month and drafted again for one month under Cap. Tin Brook at Amboy and Newark watching the movements of the British vessels. I was next drafted for one month under Cap. Denike, marched to Amboy and Newark. I was next drafted for one month under Capt. Kownover to Elizabeth Town. I was drafted for one month and marched under Cap. Johnson to New York and then to Amboy. Cor’l Thompsons regiments. I was next drafted under Cap. Gearhart and we were marched to Elizabeth town, Newark and Amboy Cor’l Thompson’s Regiment. I was next drafted under Cap. Carieoff and marched in Major Rinehart’s battalion to swamp near Trenton and lay on our arms all night and in the morning we were taking into the woods near the road. We soon got orders to march. We overtook some British troops but we had no engagements. I was next drafted for one month under Cap. Hankerson and marched to Raritan River. Then we were stationed below Shanks Mill. The British came out and beat us back for some distance into an old field that had deep gutters washed in it where we had the advantage of them and we beat them back again. I was next drafted to Amboy under Cap. Countryman, Major Hoops battalion. I was next drafted under Cap. Stillwell and marched to Elizabeth Town, thence to Amboy, Cor'l Thompson regiments. I was next drafted under Cap. Carrieoff and marched to Trenton under Major Rinehart and thence marched to Monmouth at which place we had a smart engagement and I was in the battle under Gen. Hankinson. I next volunteered for three months to go to Stony Point under Cap. Stillwell. James Egbert and myself was two days behind our company. We followed onto New German town and Major Berry advised us to return to Cor'l Taylor as we had to pass through the country infested with Torys. We went to Cor'l Taylor. That same night a scouting party brought in some prisoners to Burlington and we returned to Cor'l Taylor's regiment. I hereby relinquish every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension list of the agency of any state. Sworn and subscribed today, the 21st day of September, 1832.

X Daniel Dugan

For more information about Daniel Dugan, see his profile here, or the Reese page for more on his lineage.



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