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Dear Aunt Emma

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This letter Margaret (Dickinson) Reese wrote to her aunt, Emma Dickinson of Newark, New Jersey, in April 1954*.

*The above letter was written after Margaret's daughter was born, and is therefore dated incorrectly. It must have been written in April of 1954, not 1953. Also, notice, she made no mention of cancer. Had she not been diagnosed yet? Surely she would have given her aunt an update if she had.

The next letter is undated but appears to have been written after the previous letter, but obviously before Margaret's death, which occurred on September 11, 1954. This would indicate she was diagnosed and died within a maximum of five months. Read about her spectacular deathbed experience in my previous blog, Victory in death at the age of 24.

A diary that Emma Dickinson kept in 1919 is available for reading. Click here.

See the Dickinson page for more.

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