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Decker burials in Warwick Cemetery

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Warwick Cemetery is located in Warwick, Orange County, New York. It is the burial place of some of Mary (Delaphina Decker) Dickinson's family members including her little sister, Iona Bell Decker (1898-1904), and two of her nephews, Eugene and Norman Decker.

Delaphina and Iona lived in Warwick around the turn of the 20th century with their parents, Charles G. Decker and Lydia (Mayo-Ames) Decker. The family was counted there on the census of 1900. "Marker 61" marks the spot where Iona was buried. She was 5 years, 10 months, 17 days old. (Source: Findagrave).

Delaphina's father, Charles Decker died in 1909 in Walden, near Warwick, but his burial place has yet to be determinded. He is NOT one of the three other Charles Deckers buried in Warwick Cemetery.

Findagrave lists 142 burials of men and women with the Decker name, including married women whose maiden name is indicated as Decker. It seems logical that some of these Deckers may have been related to Charles Decker in some way. Perhaps the answer to his parentage is resting there somewhere. More records can be found here. Also, hundreds of resources about Warwick's history can be found here. See also Warwick Valley History.

The Deckers known to be buried in Warwick Cemetery are as follows: (Ones who are known to be related to Delaphina are in bold)

Abby Decker, died 1893. Section:___

Abram Decker, died 1854. Section:___

Albertus Decker, born 1900, died 1903. Section:___

Alfred A. Decker, born 1909, died 1917. Section:___

Alice (Decker) Osborne, born 1855, died 1938. Section:___

Alice (Utter) Decker, born 1895, died 1931. Section:___

Alice Decker, born 1855, died 1938. Section:___

Andrew J. Decker, born 1868, died 1929. Section:___

Anna A. (Smith) Decker, born 1828, died 1907. Section:___

Anna Decker, died 1934. Section:___

Anna M. (Wilson) Decker, died 1906. Section:___

Augustus Decker, born 1850, died 1919. Section:___

Benjamin Decker, died 1881. Section:___

Bertha (Conklin) Decker, died 1929. Section:___

Bertie Decker, born 1885, died 1886. Section:___

Bertram Decker, born 1896, died 1980. Section:___

Bess (Masker) Decker, born 1887, died 1980. Section:___

Braham Decker, born 1862, died 1942. Section:___

Burt Decker, born 1904, died 1904. Section:___

Charles Decker, born 1860, died 1925. Section:___

Charles H. Decker, died 1875. Section:___

Charles W. Decker, born 1854, died 1924. Section:___

Charles Decker, born 1850, died 1919. *See obituary.

Christine (Gosch) Decker, born 1889, died 1986. Section:___

Christy (Elston) Decker, died 1883. Section:___

Clara (Decker) Mead, died 1884. Section:___

Clara A. (Brink) Decker, born 1859, died 1916. Section:___

Clarence Decker, born 1897, died 1964. Section:___

Clinton Wisner Decker, died 1964. Section:___

Clyde N. Decker, born 1912, died 1988. Section:___

Cornelia F. (Tomer) Decker, born 1848, died 1925. Section:___

D. Smith Decker, born 1851, died 1917. Section:___

Delia A. Decker, died 1882. Section:___

Dena Decker, born 1898, died 1947. Section:___

Dennis Lee Decker, born 1941, died 1989. Section:___

Dolly Decker, born 1860, died 1916. Wife of James H. Decker.

E. (Flynn) Decker, born 1870, died 1926. Section:___

Earl Arthur Decker Sr., born 1934, died 2014. Section:___

Edgar D. Decker, died 1893. Section:___

Edith (Decker) Balmos, born 1869, died 1946. Section:___

Elizabeth (Henderson) Decker, died 1918. Section:___

Elizabeth Decker, born 1824, died 1899. Section:___

Elzetta (Decker) Flynn, born 1840, died 1905. Section:___

Erik Ryan Decker, born 1988, died 1988. Section:___

Esther Decker, born 1928, died 1988. Section:___

Ethel (Weeden) Decker, died 1947. Section:___

Eugenie Decker, born 1892, died 1943. Section:___

Eugene R. Decker, born 1929, died 2012. Son of Norman G. Decker and grandson of Charles G. Decker & Lydia Mayo.

Eva (Decker) Cooper, died 1969. Section:___

Eva F. (Decker) DeMouth, died 1964. Section:___

Ferdinand A. Decker, died 1953. Section:___

Florence (Decker) Romaines, born 1909, died 1941. Section:___

Francis A. (Decker) Chebeau, died 1811. Section:___

Frank Decker, born 1869, died 1927. Section:___

Garrett Decker, died 1876. Section:___

Garrett James Decker, born 1846, died 1917. Section:___

George H. Decker, born 1917, died 1938. Section:___

George Washington Decker, born 1835, died 1905. Section:___

Gerald H. Decker, born 1941, died 1961. Section:___

Hannah M. (Cole) Decker, born 1855, died 1937. Section:___

Hannah M. (Kelley) Decker, died 1878. Section:___

Hannah M. Decker, died 1877. Section:___

Hannah T. (Bronson) Decker, born 1875, died 1958. Section:___

Harriet (Flynn) Decker, died 1953. Section:___

Harriet W. (Decker) Green, died 1898. Section:___

Harry J. Decker, born 1900, died 1958. Section:___

Herbert A. Decker, born 1885, died 1905. Son of Uriah R. Decker and Mary E. Stuart.

Hester J. (Vannatta) Decker, born 1862, died 1934. Section:___

Ida (Decker) Raynor, born 1887, died 1937. Section:___

Idabelle (Masker) Decker, born 1879, died 1965. Section:___

Iona Bell Decker, born 1898, died 1904. Marker 61 (Plot 129?). Daughter of Charles G. Decker and Lydia Mayo.

Ira S. Decker, born 1885, died 1910. Section:___

Isa S. Decker, born 1891, died 1952. Section:___

James C. Decker, born 1812, died 1896. Section:___

James H. Decker, born 1846, died 1928. Husband of Dolly Decker.

James H. Decker, born c. 1876, died 1876. Son of James H. Decker and Hannah.

Jennie (Waldron) Decker, born 1886, died 1979. Section:___

Jennie (Ward) Decker, died 1916. Section:___

Jennie A. Decker, born 1885, died 1924. Section:___

John Decker, born 1816, died 1887. Section:___

John Decker, born 1857, died 1939. Section:___

John Decker, born 1874, died 1958. Section:___

John Decker, died 1876. Section:___

John Decker, died 1903. Section:___

John Decker, died 1905. Section:___

Laner (Decker) Babcock, born 1846, died 1902. Section:___

Laura Mae Decker, born 1904, died 1904. Section:___

Lewis Decker, died 1892. Section:___

Lillian (Decker) O'Brien, died 1940. Section:___

Lizzie Decker, dates unknown. Section:___

Lois Ann (Decker) Smith, born 1853, died 1944. Section:___

Louise Miller (Decker) LaPort, died 1929. Section:___

Margaret Decker, died 1876. Section:___

Margaret Jane (Decker) Tomer, born 1829, died 1909. Section:___

Martha (Decker) Conklin, died 1894. Section:___

Mary (Gannon) Decker, born 1844, died 1894. Section:___

Mary (Mabee) Decker, born 1877, died 1930. Headstone says "Wife of Seely Decker". See also.

Mary Ann Decker, born 1881, died 1881. Section:___

Mary Decker, died 1875. Section:___

Mary E. (Poole) Decker, died 1912. Section:___

Mary E. Decker, born 1830, died 1878. Wife of Uriah R. Decker. (Two wives on headstone).

Mary E. (Stuart) Decker, born 1853. Wife of Uriah R. Decker. (Two wives on headstone).

Mary E. Decker, born 1873, died 1876. Section:___

Mary E. Decker, died 1911. Section:___

Mary Frances (Decker) Richards, died 1932. Section:___

May E. Decker, born 1898, died 1967. Section:___

Mildred (Hahn) Decker, born 1918, died 2010. Section:___

Minnie Decker, dates unknown. Section:___

Nancy (Decker) Springer, born 1815, died 1891. Section:___

Nathaniel Decker, died 1897. Section:___

Nellie W. Decker, born 1889, died 1986. Section:___

Norman "Whitey" Decker, born 1925, died 1997. Son of Norman G. Decker & Beatrice Morgan. Grandson of Charles G. Decker and Lydia Mayo.

Ophelia (Decker) Weeden, born 1875, died 1946. Section:___

Percy Decker, born 1904, died 1905. Section:___

Peter Decker, born 1830, died 1891. Section:___

Ratie E. Decker, born 1881, died 1888. Section:___

Rhena J. Osborn, died 1885. Section:___

Richard Decker, died 1912. Section:___

Robert W. Decker, born 1909, died 1909. Section:___

Rosa L. (Gray) Decker, born 1867, died 1932. Section:___

Ruth A. Decker, born 1912, died 1993. Section:___

Samuel Decker, died 1872. Section:___

Sarah A. (Decker) Miller, born 1850, died 1923. Section:___

Sarah A. (McCabe) Decker, born 1837, died 1911. Section:___

Sarah A. Decker, born 1856, died 1934. Section:___

Sarah Ann (Smith) Decker, born 1827, died 1888. Section:___

Sarah E. (Randall) Decker, born 1871, died 1940. Section:___

Sarah E. Decker, born 1929, died 2008. Section:___

Sarah J. (Decker) Mann, born 1856, died 1932. Section:___

Seymour A. Decker, born 1891, died 1962. Section:___

Stella M. (Decker) Space, born 1879, died 1916. Section:___

Stephen S. Decker, dates unknown. Section:___

Steven Decker, died 1871. Section:___

Susan Decker, died 1875. Section:___

Thomas Decker, born 1827, died 1911. Section:___

Thomas Decker, born 1867, died 1911. Section:___

Thomas Decker, born 1883, died 1927. Son of Morris Decker and Alfretta Cooper.

Uriah R. Decker, born 1827. Section:___

Victor A. Decker, born 1897, died 1958. Section:___

Whitfield Decker, born 1855, died 1884. Section:___

William Decker, born c. 1872, died 1872. Son of William & E. Decker.

William H. Decker, born 1871, died 1944. Husband of Hannah Bronson.

William H. Decker, born 1875, died 1933.

Zuba (Decker) Vanstrander, born 1809, died 1880. Section:___

If you have any information about these Deckers, please share so that we may put the pieces to the puzzle back together. For more information about the Decker line I am researching, see the Decker page.


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