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Deckers of Luzerne County 1850

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The following Deckers were counted on the 1850 census in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, including the towns which are today considered part of Lackawanna County.

In 1850, there were 158 Deckers in Luzerne County. These are the heads of household followed by their approximate birth year and given birthplace. Other people in the home are included but the 1850 census did not inquire on the relationship of household members. The 1860 and 1870 census may help fill in some gaps.

In Abington:

  • Stephen Decker b. 1785 NJ + Lovisa Decker, Frances C Decker, and William Decker b . 1835 PA.

  • Nathaniel Decker b. 1819 PA + Elizabeth Decker, and Giles E Decker b. 1850 PA.

  • Harvey F. Decker b. 1842 PA and Ellen Decker b. 1844 PA. These were two children in the home of Julius & Mary Skinner.

  • James Decker b. 1829 PA living in the home of Silas & Sarah Wheeler.

  • Ursula Decker b. 1838 PA, a young girl in the home of Job Gorton.

In Blakely:

  • John Decker b. 1798 NJ + Elijah B Decker, Michael I Decker, Susan A Decker, Phebe Beames (John Decker's Will dated 1863 Book C, Page 531 From index)

  • Luke Decker b. 1811 NJ + Sarah Decker b. 1822 NJ, John Decker b. 1843 PA, Phebe E Decker b. 1846 PA, and Andrew Decker b. 1849 PA. ("John VANDENBURG m/Mrs Pheby E. DECKER on 10 Dec 1868 in Pittston. Both were from Newton Twp." - Pittston Gazette)

  • Matthew Decker b. 1816 NJ + Judy Decker, Lucas R Decker, Susanna Decker, Stephen Decker, Martha Decker, and Michael Decker.

  • George Decker b. 1821 Germany + Martha Decker b. 1832 PA, Elizabeth Decker b. 1850 PA, John Decker b. 1825 Germany.

  • Samuel Decker b. 1795 NY + Margaret Decker, Lewis Decker b. 1835 PA, Harvey Decker b. 1837 PA, and John Decker b. 1842 PA.

In Carbondale:

  • Isaac Decker b. 1826 NY + Mary E. Decker and Mary T. Decker.

  • Cornelius Decker b. 1804 NY + Phebe Decker b. 1806 NY, Rachel Decker b. 1837 PA, and Nancy Conyngham b. 1833 PA.

In Greenfield:

  • Wm Decker b. 1814 NY + Fanny J Decker, Wm N Decker, Mary J Decker, Julia A Decker, Isaac S Decker, Fanny M Decker and Aaron Decker.

  • Benjamin Decker b. 1819 NY + Cynthia Decker, Almira Decker, Cynthia A Decker, Sarah J Decker, B F Decker, Joshua Voit, Elizabeth Voit, D. A. Sece and Martin Sece.

  • Moses C. Decker b. 1825 PA + Hannah A Decker, Silas Decker, Charles Decker

  • Stephen Decker b. 1810 NY + Susannah Decker, Moses B Decker, Stephen C Decker, Tamar I Decker, Huldah Decker, John J Decker, Rhoda Decker, Lewis D. Decker, and Harriet Decker.

  • Chancey Decker b. 1820 NY + Eliza Decker, N R Decker, E A Decker, Ira I Cobb

  • Benj Decker b 1791 NY + Mary Decker and Ann Decker.

In Lackawanna (now Moosic):

  • John I. Decker b. 1812 NY + Delila Decker, Sarah Decker, Martha I Decker

  • Philip Decker b. 1835 PA. He was a teen in the home of Samuel and Delila Davis.

  • Chauncy Decker b. 1824 PA + Betsey M Decker b. 1830 NY, Charles Decker b. 1848 PA.

In Newton:

  • Henry S. Decker b. 1801 NJ + Mary Decker, James W Decker, Anze Decker, Secelin Decker, Susanna Decker, Sarah A Decker, Samuel Decker, Oliver Drake, Almina Decker, Henry V Decker, Elijah Decker, George W Decker and Belinda Decker.

  • Joseph Decker b. 1799 NY + Hannah Decker, Alonzo Decker b. 1833, Wm N Decker b. 1836, Mary J Decker b. 1838, Andrew J Decker b. 1840, M C Decker b. 1842 and Sencretin A. Decker b. 1848.

In Pittston:

  • Porter Decker b. 1842 PA. He was a child in the home of John & Mary Marcy.

  • Anna Decker b. 1777 NY in the home of Eliza Day b. 1818 NY.

  • Andrew Decker b. 1802 NY + Hannah Decker, Phillip Decker b. 1835 PA, Lafayette Decker b. 1838 PA, Andrew Decker b. 1843 PA, Chancey Decker b. 1845 PA, Olive Decker and Andrew Sh__

  • Charles Decker b. 1818 PA + Elizabeth Decker b. 1796 PA in a home with various other names including Joseph Klutz b. 1827

In Providence (now northern Scranton):

  • Isaac Decker b. 1829 PA

  • Lewis Decker b. 1832 PA + Joseph Decker b. 1834 PA and Jeddiah Decker b. 1836 PA.

  • Mary Smalley b 1820 + Darna Decker b. 1840, Harry T. Decker b. 1842, William Decker b. 1845, Abm Decker b. 1846 and Francis L. Wolcott b. 1849.

  • Benj Decker b. 1830 PA., Charles Decker b. 1820 PA, and Lewis Decker b. 1831 PA + dozens of other people of a variety of names.

  • George Decker b. 1814 + Catharine Decker, William H Decker, Martin Decker, Harriett Decker, Mary E Decker, Eliza A Decker

In Scott (formerly Greenfield):

  • William Decker b. 1824 NY + Catherine Decker b. 1826, William Decker b. 1787, Effie Decker b. 1790, Ezra Decker b. 1832, Esther Decker b. 1833, Jane Decker b. 1845, Giles Decker b. 1829, Helen Decker b. 1831 and Chas Decker b. 1848.

  • Ebenezer Decker b. 1829 NY + Lydia Decker and Finas Decker b. 1836 NY.

In Wilkes-Barre:

  • John Decker b. 1820 Germany

------------------------------------------ * Also, in Lake Twp - Kocher Cemetery: Jacob H. Decker (1828-1906) age 78 [ From index]

See the Decker page for more information about the Decker family.

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Linda Mladinich
Linda Mladinich
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I'm a Decker / berry/ kessock. I'm looking for family. I was adopted from hellen kessock. Daughter of clearance and Nellie Mae berry.

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